Saturday, December 26, 2009

And then the house caught on fire...

We had a great Christmas, and many thanks to all the well-wishers who wished us well through the holidays. We opened presents, visited grandparents, saw a movie, and went to bed. A great Christmas day was had by all.

Then, this morning, the house caught on fire. We don't know what started the fire, but it was probably the furnace or water heater, as that was the room with the flames and smoke. I ran in to put it out, and ran out coughing and yelling "call 911!!!"

Everyone got out ok, and we're all healthy and happy to be alive in our pleasant hotel room. The fire was bad, but not so bad that the house needs to be condemned. The fire department broke out every window in the house but three to ventilate the smoke. It was bizarre. Totally surreal.

My hair is singed. Everything in the house is covered in a layer of toxic ash.

Disaster? Catastrophe? Huge heaping pile of shit?

Honestly, I don't think so. This whole thing seems like it's been ordained from above. I'll talk more about it as things unfold. It's just very ... interesting.