Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Getting over the Bad Lover


As you may know, I recently had my second divorce finalized, and I've never been happier. I spent years in a really shitty relationship, trying to make it work when there was zero trust, layers of abuse, addiction, and all kinds of mental illness to deal with. I took on a shitload of my ex's issues, shouldering responsibility for things that I had absolutely no control over, and then dealing with the inevitable despair that came when no matter what I did, nothing improved.


I'm going over it all quickly because I hate that I was like that, but I also understand we all do that. We get attached to people who drag us down, and we try to make the other person happy by changing ourselves. It's human to take the blame for other people's damage, especially when you really want the happiness you hope to gain from being with them.

You'll probably notice that I'm pretty darned happy now. It's not just that I left a poisonous toxic relationship, or even that I met a responsible, beautiful, loving, sane woman to be with. Those things are both great, don't get me wrong, but they aren't why I'm happy.

If you've ever been in an abusive relationship, you know that getting away isn't enough to heal you. You still carry around atachments to the fucktard, and guilt that you somehow failed them, when they were the asshats doing the abusing. It's sick, but it's also normal. Don't feel bad if you're still stuck in it, it's a tar baby of the worst kind.

I got out of it though, and I can tell you how:


Hell yeah, all golden and shining and shit. All happy and dancing with cups and shit. All green hill thrusting up through a golden ring and shit.

Also, and here's the most important part: it's hotter than fuck.

Go to the Sun to burn away all that pain, all that shit, all those black sticky feelings, all the guilt, remorse, everything bad that got stuck on top of you. Go to the Sun, and be reforged. Let its heat melt you completely, melting away all the form and shape that you adapted and adopted to fit with the retarded fuckwad you wasted so much time with. Let the Sun be the forge in which you are remade, reborn. Go through that Solar Gate and embrace the heat, the light, the life it brings.

If you have the Modern Angelic Grimoire, do that rite to conjure Michael, and just pour your heart out to him. Michael loves us so much, there's a mystery behind it that is worth asking him about. It has to do with his name. Michael understands us in ways no one else will, and he's willing to help.

I have clients that need help with this kind of thing. Lots of clients. So many people who come to me are coming with baggage related to their past relationships that they really need to have consumed in the Universal Recycling Bin. It's an epidemic.

I'm offering an ongoing Solar-Venus rite on behalf of my clients. This rite will be focused on consuming the pain, attachment, and suffering people carry around with them from past relationships. If you want to be one of the people who participate, I'll need the following:

  • $75 - (Paypal link below)
  • An electronic version of your photo - Something recent, or of you as an infant that you don't mind me printing and using in the rite
  • Your birth name
When you buy the rite, I'll be in touch to get your information via email.

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