Thursday, September 26, 2013

Officially a Thelemite, I Pay Dues and Everything...

For those who don't know, I am officially a member of the OTO, and have been since January 2013. Some folks seem to be surprised, others not so much.

I thought I'd made it clear for years that I accepted the Book of the Law, I just had disagreements with the lodge structure because of all the stupidity I saw coming out of the various Golden Dawn Orders. I blamed the Kircher Tree.

Then back in August of 2012, I had a profound experience with the deity indwelling the priestess at a Gnostic Mass at William Blake Lodge in Baltimore, MD. (Oh my god, she's full of stars...)

Almost immediately afterward, I met the lovely Harper Feist, who happened to be a member. Some interesting things developed between the two of us (and continue to do so), and she was able to demonstrate to me that the OTO was not at all like the Golden Dawn orders I'd seen.

Since then, I've traveled to lodges in Sacramento, Florida, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and attended NOTOCON IX. I have met Bishops and Minervals, Hermits, Lovers, and Men of Earth, and some guy with a harmonica who puts up with a lot of shit. I've become good friends with Thelemites in the UK, and New Zealand, and I've gotten to experience what Jason Miller inferred at last year's Crucible conference.

Anyway, I was initiated into the OTO last January, and I have recently been accepted into the A:.A:.. Someone expressed some surprise on the Gents for Jupiter group when they found out. A lot of you already knew. As Gordon put it, "There was writing, and there was a wall." But for those who didn't know, I figured I should just go ahead and make a general announcement to everyone.

RO is OTO.

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