Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pimp My Friends - The Late Edition

Back in January, I did a post about my friends who had cool stuff to promote. At the time my fellow Gent for Jupiter and long time friend and counselor Monsignor S.R. sent me a manuscript to pimp for everyone's benefit, and I friggin' totally forgot about it until he reminded me today.


Angels at your Doorstep is a little eBook on the conjuration of elemental angels, and a quick and insightful overview on working with each. It doesn't cost a lot, it's straight to the point, simple, and easy. The methodology is incredibly tight and direct, and it would make a good companion piece to the Modern Angelic Grimoire in terms of its direct tone and style and ease of implementation. This is exactly the kind of magic I like. Quick and easy, no heavy lifting to get what you need gathered together to get immediate responses to your conjurations.

I didn't recognize the sub-angels, so I took some time to conjure them and interview them personally this afternoon. I was very impressed with each. They responded quickly to their names and seals, and filled the conjure space with a sense of their presence. They resonated well with my expeirence in the elemental realms, and seemed extremely competent in introducing people to the material realms. My HGA confirmed their potency and authenticity.

I asked each their function, and they each indicated they ruled the elemental properties of the material realm. I tested them a little further, and even did a little Work with one of them on some issues I'm having in my own sphere at the moment. I'm quite pleased with the experience, and will be making some more permanent seals to Work with them again in the future. I've been meaning to get some handy elemental angels in my portflio of useful spirits, and here this was the whole time.

I'm also going to be recommending one of my clients work with these spirits right away. This is just what you need to get some assistance in learning how to bridge the spiritual to material gap.

I can't recommend this little booklet enough. For $2.99, you can't go wrong. You'll spend more on a cup of coffee, and it won't do you nearly as much good.

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