Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hellfire Can't Scorch

So a very talented artist, who has done some amazing custom work for my upcoming site redesign, has submitted a T-Shirt design to "Designs by Humans." They have this policy that you have to receive an undisclosed number of votes to have them even consider printing the shirt. Getting a ton of votes doesn't even result in a guarantee of getting your design printed.

But it's the first step.

So I really want this shirt, and I'm not above using my status as Flamen Dialis to get what I want. I think it's that cool.

So I posted a deal on FaceBook that I'll make here too:

CLICK THIS LINK AND VOTE for the design, and I will intercede on your behalf with Jupiter tomorrow morning at dawn during the morning rites.

Note that you have to register with the site to vote, it's not just a click-click-done thing. That's what earns you the honorable mention. You help my friends, my friends help you. Like the mafia. Or Hermetics. :D

Anyway, I'm doing the rites tomorrow morning, so hurry up.

[Edit 9/12/13: Wow! He went from 29 to 95 votes in one day! Thanks much! After reading the names of 40 people during the rite this morning, I asked for the spirits to continue to bless anyone who votes for this design. I won't be reading that many names again any time soon though, so don't worry about sending me the screenshots of your votes. Just know that you'll get the blessing if you place the vote. And seriously people, thank you so much! This rocks so hard! WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!]

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