Monday, September 16, 2013

Hermetic Resonance and the Accomplishment of Great Work

I found this today, and it's a great analogue of what I think happens when we do the conjurations of the Great Work.

In this example, what we think of as our "selves" are represented by the table under the oscillators. They are the foundation of our experience in this spiritual, mental, and material existence we call life.

Our lives when we get started on the Work look like the oscillaors when they first get going, out of harmony, kind of chaotic, a lot of din.

If the board under them were static, that is, fixed and unmoving, unpliable, they would remain that way. But because they are on a moveable surface, watch what happens:

Similarly, as we perform the Work, I think we are made more pliable, and move with the motion. We harmonize, and slowly one part begins to get together, and then it spreads to the rest of our areas of our life until everything is working together. Of course, there's always that one pink one over on the right that seems to be completely out of sync for a bit, but eventually even that gets its shit together.

You'll note there are no hands interfering and manually making the things harmonize. Any kind of interference wouldn't really help, it would just make it take longer to harmonize. By working on the substrate, making that pliable and able to transfer the oscillating energies, the stuff built on the base just sort of automagically comes into harmony.

"Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things are added unto you," is how Jesus put it. go after God, your source, go after cleansing the stuff that keeps you rigid and inflexible and non-adaptive, get rid of the things that hinder the flow from the Source through the Spheres, into the World, through our Senses, and back up to the Source through us as experience, and everything just sort of comes into balance and harmony.

And then when the motors wind down, you can start again.

If you want.

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