Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Weirdest Bune Thing Yet

Ok, now I've been posting my Bune rites and rituals here along with results for over a year. Spirit pot, sigils, copper medallions, Jupiter-Sagittarius-OK-only-Venus, blah blah blah. From wealth to exorcisms, I've talked about the things this spirit can do and has done in my life on this blog.

But this one takes the cake. It's totally beyond anything I've experienced with Bune, and if anyone told me the following anecdote and the role Bune played in it, I'd tell them that based on my experience to date with Bune (up until yesterday), they were frankly completely full of shit. Just goes to show there's always another wrinkle up the sleeve.

Ok, so I've been sick. Really sick. For a few weeks. Bad. Fever, coughing, all the flu symptoms, the common cold symptoms, and sinusitis symptoms you can imagine. A sore throat, multi-hued phlegm, and my coughing muscles were literally sore from the non-stop coughing that had been going on. The doctors told me it was a virus, and that they couldn't do anything but treat the symptoms. I got a $200+ bill for an inhaler (I'm not asthmatic), some prednisone, and a tiny little bottle of cough syrup that had morphine in it. Knocked me on my ass last weekend, from Friday afternoon when I got it until Monday morning when I had to quit taking it to be able to work. All I did was sleep and sweat and hallucinate from the fever. And cough.

Ok, enough background. I was really sick. I was complaining to a friend in email who unfortunately asked how I was doing. I told them in such detail that they couldn't finish their banana bread. I mentioned I was going to do a divination to see if someone was spiritually attacking me or if there were some crossed condition, as soon as I felt up to it.

Whipping out their favorite oracle, a flippin' coin (get it, flippin'!?) , they performed a quick divination and sent me the results. They said that a student had performed some healing rite using the techniques I'd taught them, but they had used a Bune spirit for some ignorant fucking reason. As a result of some stupid spiritual connection to me(!), their stupid failed rite ended up with me getting into a crossed condition, and that I could appeal to "my" Bune spirit in my spirit pot and get it to set things right.

Ok, that sounded like horse shit to me. I don't believe in that kind of backlash on teachers, first of all. Second, I'm no one's fucking teacher. I had a guy I was teaching Samekh to, and my particular brand of Christian Magick, but he just sort of vanished in an electronic poof after doing Samekh for a few weeks. And I never had him doing anything with Bune, that I can remember, and I'm sure he's bright enough not to try to use a WEALTH and EXORCISM spirit of the UNDERWORLD to do a stupid ass HEALING ritual.

So if it wasn't him, chances are it was the one complete fucking MORON that reads my work online (the rest of you are, of course, geniuses). MORON, however, was thinking about ME during their fucking ritual with BUNE and ended up fucking up my life.

Look, I shouldn't have to say this, but when you're doing a ritual, THINK ABOUT THE RITUAL YOU'RE DOING!!! Not me, or whoever mentioned the techniques you're using. If you do any magick based on something you read here, motherfucking don't do it while thinking about me. All you need to be thinking about is your ritual, listening for the voice of the spirit, and maybe contemplating your role in the cosmic hierarchy in the midst of the Heavens emanating from the Source. Got it? Good.

Ok, so like I said, horse shit. On a whim, I quick checked with my HGA, and got the go-ahead to do a divination on it. I whipped out my mini-Rider-Waite deck and shuffled and asked a specific question. Shockingly to me, it totally confirmed what my friend had said. I thought, no way, this isn't how Bune works!

But I don't ignore friends, divinations, and my HGA all at the same time. Most days. The tarot spread had filled in some gaps from the coin-flip divination, and I followed the advice that got me past the particular feedback I was getting on the spiritual wire. Then I went straight to my Bune spirit pot and spoke to Bune directly about the situation, got confirmation again from him that he would fix it, lit five candles as an offering in front of the Spirit Pot, and went to bed, still not entirely convinced.

And then I woke up this morning feeling a million times better. Lungs are still hurt, and I'm a little weak. Mildly dehydrated, but man, I felt good for the first time in literally weeks.

So there you have it. You go on your way now and think about it, because that's certainly something I'm going to be doing.

In closing, if you learn any magick from me, you just remember I learned it for free on the internet, and from some spirits, and it's got nothing to do with me except that I happened to write it down and post it here or something.


It's all about you, and God. Leave me out of it. Or I'll kick your ass. I'll curse the living SHIT out of you if you use my techniques and fuck things up in my life, even if you do it accidentally. Capiche?

Good night, and Good Magick.


  1. R.O.,

    I found your website/blog searching for some things regarding grimoires. And now, after well over an hour, I am getting some needed confirmation from this blog post. I feel as if I am reading about myself and this exactly how I would have reacted! I look forward to reading more on this blog and your website. I am also considering buying one of your products as well. Hope to exchange with you in the future.


  2. Moral of the story?

    This is why we do as many hours of meditation before Work as we need to, kids.


    So that we don't end up thinking about our neighbour's friend's brother's uncle's sister's aunt's cat, while we're summoning someone from the Goetia. We focus on the ritual instead, and that way bad things don't happen.

  3. frater RO can you post or send me a picture of what your bune spirit pot looks like?


  4. There are pics up on the blog, try searching for Bune Spirit Pot on my site.


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