Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Daimon Brainstorming Sessions Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Daimon-Brainstorming sessions that resulted from my recent experiences with getting sick from a Bune operation gone awry. For background see "The Weirdest Bune Thing Yet" and "Daimon Brainstorming Sessions Part 1."

Picking up where we left off, I had woken up feeling great after performing a really quick rite with my spirit pot that houses Bune. That doesn't really convey how much better I was feeling than before, the difference was totally miraculous. But I also wanted to make sure it didn't happen again by following up on the Hierophant information I had received through the tarot divination and the first brainstorming session with my Daimon.

So that night, I sat down with my Daimon, and we talked. I can't really convey the conversation because I don't remember the actual dialog. I took notes, but it was the information we were discussing that I wrote down, and not the conversation.

Basically, I asked it what I should be focusing on to enact the resolution shown in the tarot reading (Hierophant, six of Wands, King of Wands). It revealed I hadn't been plugging into the Above spoken of in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. Most of my magical practices are pretty mundane-focused. I haven't been doing a lot of Scrying of the Aethyrs, rising through the Spheres, or traveling through the heavens in a fiery chariot like Ezekiel did.

And the Daimon reminded me that this is why the Hierophant is the Hierophant. The roles of the Hierophant are a reflection, a side effect of his relationship with God. The Hierophant gets his knowledge and experience and the ability to be a Hierophant on these spiritual journeys, and from contemplating the Divine Source.

I hadn't been doing these things much lately.

So the next most obvious question was, "What should I actually be doing then?"

We brainstormed for awhile, and what came out of that was a Merkavah-esque meditative ritual that includes visiting each Sphere of the Elements, the Seven Heavens (classical planetary realms), the "Heaven of the Stars" symbolized by Chokmah on the GD Tree of Life most are familiar with, and then the realm of the Prima Materia, the First Material that manifested in Kether. From there, my Daimon said, I needed to travel through the Pleroma and into the Divine Darkness in which the Creator dwells. After I was finished, I was to return going through each of the spheres in reverse order and then grounding out.

This was all to be done in the Body of Light, making this a meditative and contemplative ritual. I don't do many of those, and this one pretty much makes up for that fact.

To begin, I lit a candle in my Lamp on my altar to represent the Light of God. Then I lit my incense charcoal and got some Abramelin Incense burning. It's my favorite, and since I always start with a conjuration of my Daimon, it's always appropriate.

I then sat in my Comfy Chair (every magician should have one, as Patrick Dunn says; mine is IKEA's Poang chair with the matching footstool). I had my notes. I entered my astral temple. I performed the rite. It took a while.

First I conjured my Daimon. We have an agreement, I call, he comes. Next I quickly traveled up through the Elemental Spheres in my Body of Light. In the realm of Earth, I took on the form of a Bull, in Water the form of a Man, in Air the form of an Eagle, and in Fire the form of a Lion. When I got to the Lunar realm, I conjured Gabriel, the Archangel of the Moon using her Name, Seal from the Magical Calendar, and the name of God Shaddai El Chai. I then traveled through the Sphere of the Moon in my Body of Light with my Daimon until we got to the Gate leading to the Sphere of Mercury.

At that Gate, I conjured Raphael, Archangel of Mercury. I follow the Trithemian school of placement for the archangels Raphael and Michael. This means that they are switched from what you see in the Magical Calendar link above. The seals stay with the planets, as they are the seals of the Intelligence of the planet. Only the names "Raphael" and "Michael" are switched from the Magical Calendar's representation in the Trithemian school of correspondences.

So at the Gate of Mercury, I conjured Raphael using his Seal and the God Name Elohim Tzabaoth. I traveled through Mercury to the Gate of Venus, and did the same with Haniel using the God Name Jehovah Tzabaoth. For each of the remaining spheres, it was the same, conhjure Archangel using the Sigil, name of the angel, and appropriate God Name, and then travel the sphere to the Gate to the next Sphere. After Venus, it went Sun-Michael-Seal-Eloah Va Da'at, Mars-Camael-Seal-Elohim Gibor, Jupiter-Sachiel-El, Saturn-Cassiel-Jehovah Elohim.

When I got to the Gate to the Heaven of the Stars (roughly corresponding to Chokmah on the GD Tree of Life, I conjured Ratziel in the God Name Jah. I used the name Ratziel spelled out in the Celestial Script for the spirit's Seal. After traveling through that sphere, I conjured the Archangel Metatron using the Name Eheieh to get access into Kether.

The rest can't really be described in words. I continued traveling through what is represented by the three negative veils. The first negative veil, the Ain Soph Aur was to me the Pleroma of the Gnostics. Multiple heavens, multiple entities that spoke in light instead of sound. Very interesting. I think that's what you go through when you scry the Enochian Aethyrs, but I don't know that to be true, just a suspicion. After that, I went through the Divine Darkness that Dionysius talks about. This is a must-read, in my opinion. Click that link later.

Then I returned through the Spheres I had ascended through on the way up, conjuring each spirit at each gate until I reached the Elemental realm of fire. There I conjure Michael Angel of the the Element Fire and had him guide me through the Sphere to the Gate to the Realm of Air, where I conjured Raphael to lead me to the Gate of Water, then Gabriel who lead me to the Gate of Earth, and finally Uriel, who lead me back to my own Astral Temple. I thanked him, and my Daimon and then got up and did some grounding-out exercises.

It took SIX HOURS. Strangely, three of those hours were spent in the Realm of the Moon on the way up. The rest took much less time. I had a lot of Lunar things to deal with. I may or may not blog about them. I'm sure you'll find plenty of your own things to discover if you choose to do a rite like this, although the Moon realm might not take you as long.

Dee does say something about needing to travel three times around the Earth in the Realm of the Moon before you can reach the next sphere in his Hieroglyphic Monad though, and I hadn't known that before doing the rite. Maybe that's part of it, I don't know.

Well, that's Part 2. I wanted to get these out tonight before I forgot some of the details.

Good Nigh, and Good Magick.


  1. Hope you will later put your experiences

    "In the realm of Earth, I took on the form of a Bull, in Water the form of a Man, in Air the form of an Eagle, and in Fire the form of a Lion"

    For clarity, shouldn´t be "in water the form of an eagle" ?

  2. No, Eagle is Air, Man is Water. Check Agrippa:




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