Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Daimon Brainstorming Sessions Part 1

So in the post "The Weirdest Bune Thing Yet" covered my most recent joy-ride in the occult. I'd like to talk a bit about how my Daimon and I brainstormed a way to make sure it didn't happen again.

For starters, the first thing I did when I got the explanation of what was going on was to verify it with my Daimon. I simply cocked my head to where he usually resides, behind me and a little on the right, and asked him if this was legit. I got a nod from him, and I confirmed the next step was to do my own divination.

So I shuffled my mini-Rider-Waite deck while specifically asking out loud "What is the source of my illness?" I use the 15-card layout that is suggested in the little book that comes with Crowley's Thoth deck. It's always worked well for me.

Current circumstances indicated that the oracle was right. I had the Five of Wands in the center significator spot. Cards surrounding it indicated I was fighting the results of a smug person stealing knowledge, and a confirmation from my Daimon that the coin oracle had described what happened accurately. I then had two options to deal with the problem. Magickal counter-attack aimed at the person who had done it in the first place, or rising above it and putting the forces that were at work in my sphere into their proper place as the second option. I had been considering the first option, mainly, because I was pissed. however, the cards indicated I'd run into more fighting and eventual sorrow or regret at taking that path.

The second option showed me how I could permanently conquer this kind of strife by putting things right that were wrong in the moment, and by behaving in a different way in my personal practices. These cards were the King of Wands on the right, the Hierophant in the center, and the six of wands on the left. The six of wands indicated peace and victory after putting down the current strife in the five of wands. From the King of Wands, I got the image of no longer having to fight because I had established the hierarchy in the realm of Wands one must in order to be the King.

The Hierophant was the primary image of this grouping. It coalesced the other two cards, representing the path that I needed to take to achieve present victory (6 of wands) and lasting Lordship over this kind of strife (King of Wands). I have a long history of the Hierophant popping up representing me, in readings I perform for myself and readings performed by others. That and the much better results made it clear which option I should take.

The next step was to plan out the actual ritual Work I would need to do in order to clear up the current mess and make sure it wouldn't happen again. The coin oracle indicated that "my" Bune (the spirit in the Bune Spirit Pot I made) would be able to fix the current mess, so I confirmed that with my Daimon. He indicated that was the way to go.

It's in keeping with the role of the Hierophant to be the go-between with the spirits on behalf of people who have messed things up. The priest or shaman is called to perform the exorcism, the man or woman with the divine connections is there for the people. I think this is why the Rider-Waite Hierophant is pointing up with his projecting (right) hand and the receptive (left) hand is projecting over the monks in front of him, holding the symbol that represents (in my opinion) the Caduceus, or his ability to travel through the higher spheres, the heavens, or sephiroth, however you want to perceive it.

So I went to my spirit pot and asked Bune to put any spirits that were causing me illness back into their proper place. This is one of his talents he revealed to me (it's in the description in the Goetia, but I didn't understand it). Bune agreed, and I lit five tea light candles in front of his Pot in thanks for his actions.

I woke up healed the next morning, as stated in the earlier post. I still had to figure out how to overcome things like this happening again though, so I planned another Daimon brainstorming session for the next night. That will be Part 2.

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