Thursday, April 10, 2008


I mentioned the Doing Magick blog my friend started in a previous post. In Paradigm Formations, he mentions the following:

So I spoke to one of the more famous goetic magicians around, Lon DuQuette. He gave me advice that both fit into my normal mode of working and blew me away. He said the trick to dealing with Goetic spirits involves worship. Not of them but of the ultimate -- his term, the Goddess. He said that act is basically one of giving the goddess energy so She can raise you up. Inversely, the relationship with a demon should be accepting or ‘vouchsafing’ its energy so you can raise it up. By vouchsafing, I took his meaning to be that the energy so given, must be used is accordance with the cosmic flow in order to achieve full effect.
The way DuQuette uses "Vouchsafing" is what I wanted to talk about. In my recent posts about the Hierophant, this is the idea I was trying to get at. The Hierophant is vouchsafing the "energy" of those he's teaching or guiding. I don't think of myself as a teacher, although guide might be closer to what I imagine myself doing with these public discussions of magick.

The trouble I found myself in came, it seems, not only from the "student" performing a Bune rite, but also because I wasn't performing any of the vouchsafing duties that come along with the role of Hierophant.

I don't entirely agree with Fr. BH's interpretation of vouchsafing. I don't think it's how you use the energy, I think it's more about getting the energy that's been vouchsafed to you where it needs to belong. At least as it pertains to this Hierophant thing I've got going on.

I see it as scarves or banners that go where they're supposed to as you rise through the spheres. Sort of the collection plate you've passed in church. You've been vouchsafed the money because you're representing the church, but you drop all the cash (well, most of it) in the total collection that goes to the back office where it's made ready to deposit. You've been entrusted with something, and you've got the spiritual responsibility to see that you're taking care of what you've been given.

Someday I'll write a book about teaching, and base it on the Hierophant. Pay no attention to the fact that the only real classes I've ever taught were 4th-grade Sunday School, and I had a book to teach from.

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