Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Intelligent Communication Between the Spheres

Shit. You're catching me mid-satori at the moment, so forgive me if I ramble.

Ok, so I've been doing the Neo-Platonic/Merkavah (NPM) rite my HGA and I pow-wowed on. I'm talking to my friend Fr. Bone Head today about some of his dream journals, and we get into the topic of Tiphareth consciousness out of Crowley's notes (Point III) of Liber Samekh, the sentence in the text that has footnote 8 in it, and the preceding paragraphs:
"...the Tiphereth-consciousness alone is connected by paths with the various parts of his mind."
The image of the Tree of Life was illustrated in my mind in great detail, showing all the paths from Tiphareth to the other spheres. In a flash of insight, I had the image of myself doing the NPM rite, and I saw myself traveling through all the spheres as I progressed from the realms of matter to the highest heavens. In the image I was like a "Little Mercury," and by doing that rite I was delivering communications between the spheres.

In a moment, I saw that magicians doing the Great Work are all sort of doing the same job. We become the messengers between the planetary governors, in a way, linking them and strengthening their ability to work together as a team.

When we Work with each planetary intelligence, our sphere is tuned to the vibration of the sphere it represents. When we travel to the next sphere, that sphere's Intelligence is directly aware of the impression in our sphere left by the previous sphere's intelligence. We become part of the communication that occurs between the spheres when we perform the act that is described in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes.

This mini-satori explains why my Daimon included the trip back down through the spheres. By going up and then returning down, each sphere receives interaction with every other sphere. If we only went up through the spheres, the Intelligence of the Moon would miss an opportunity to see the recent impact of the Intelligence of Saturn on one magician's sphere.

It's almost like we're Sparks traveling the neural networks of an interplanetary Intelligence's brain.

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