Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Daimon vs. HGA

Recent conversations about the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) have reinforced my belief that the term "HGA" has too much misinformation applied to it to be used in public conversations.

Most people think that having Knowledge and Conversation with the HGA (K&CHGA) is the end-all be-all goal of the Great Work, which it isn't. They equate it with Eastern Mysticism's enlightenment, which it isn't. They think it makes them an Ipsimus, which it can, but it takes a while, it's not an instant transformation.

The "HGA" is a resource. It's a helper spirit. It grants authority over most spirits (I haven't found any that it doesn't grant authority over). It tells you information. It can tell you what possible outcomes for a situation are. It can tell you what you should be studying. It WILL tell you how many times it saved your ass. It can also grant you other helper spirits. It protects from magickal attack by warning you, and actually shielding you to a large extent, if you ask it to. It guides you through the Planetary spheres. It tells you the truth.

These traits were better understood in my opinion as the traits of the Daimon of the Greek culture. The Daimon was a personal spirit, and it was said that Socrates' Daimon spoke with him all his life, and could be seen and spoken with by others. Almost like the mythical Don Juan of Castaneda's creation, except it never told Socrates what to do.

So going forward, I'm going to try to not use "HGA" when I reference this wonderful helper spirit. I'm going to try to stick with Daimon, but the term "Genius" can also be applied. If too many poeple start equating Daimon with either the Evil Daimon from Pymander or "demons" from Christian pop-culture, I'll switch to Genius. The point of public communication like this is to be undertood by as many folks as possible.

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