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Business Booster Rite

Ok, so since I started writing the Gates series, I've been working with one of my regular clients. He's from the Philippines, and runs a family business. He's been successful at maintaining a steady income, but he's been blocked by some spiritual and mundane factors that were limiting his potential and keeping him from achieving his goals.

He first contacted me about making him a talisman for success in his business. A Wealth and Prosperity talisman incorporating Jupiter and Mercury spirits, specifically. I made that for him, and he saw immediate results. Next he wanted something to help bring him victory in various struggles, and we came up with another talisman for that. Again he was very pleased with the results.

Then he came to me with a problem that had been afflicting his family for a while, a spiritual issue involving a Chinese Sorcerer, the details of which I can't share. We'll just say the sorcerer had rigged the results in their own favor, and my client wanted a way out.

Around this time, I was writing up the Gates series of rites. High on Jupiter's powers (a great high to be on, by the way), I saw an opportunity for us to work together. He agreed to be my test case, and I gave him a discount on the whole deal. If it worked as great as I foresaw it would, I'd turn it into a product/service and offer it on my site.

It involved a rite I did for him and his business followed by the performance of the Gates and some work with the Talismans I had made for him. I was eager to see what effect we could have on an established business that was already breaking even. Usually by the time people contact me, they're in bankruptcy or the equivalent, and it takes a great deal of magical assistance just to get them up to subsistence-level living.

He was also an ideal client for this because he was familiar with the basics of occult practice. He had worked with the Lemegeton's Goetia before on his own, with the usual results (technical success, but in the same or worse condition he started in). He was ready to listen to me when I advised the Gates series of rites under the auspices of the rite I put together for him.

When he began the Gates Series, he and I had a breakdown in communications. He was doing a rite every day of the week. When I posted the suggested schedule a couple weeks ago, he wrote to tell me he had been doing them much more often, and I suggested he back off on trying to do all the rites every week, and stick to the schedule I discussed before, one planet each week, but the Jupiter Gate weekly if possible.

He did the magic, stuck to the regimen I prescribed, and the results are in. He agreed to let me publish his results, and I'm sharing them below. I've taken out some of the more personal aspects and some of the specific details of his case that are none of your business, but suffice it to say there are more benefits to our work together than are listed here. My comments are in [brackets] below.

  • Managed not to become manic and kill everyone in sight because of doing Planetary Ritual everyday in a row. [Even though the powers he was tapping into were accumulating in his sphere, the work with the Intelligences kept the integration process from burning him out or manifesting in destructive ways.]
  • Though the effect is snowballing since 3 weeks, the effects are already felt after doing my first Jupiter Ritual.  That would be after you did the Ritual for me.  It is like something is being cook up and I don't know how it will turn out. [I did the framework rite that focused the powers released by his performance of the Gates rites specifically into his business first, and then he started with the Jupiter Gate rite. He felt the impact of the Jupiter Gate rite immediately, but it started manifesting in his life over the next three weeks.]
  • The effects would be getting job orders from clients in every directions and given orders not seen since before recession.  After development of the design is approved and ready for production, another tens of designs are pushed in our hands.  I think this is the time to do 80/20 rule.
  • I can finally understand and work your Talismans effectively. [After I sent him the Talisman Maintenance and Operations Manual, which I wrote mainly for him personally, and then passed on to everyone else. I snipped some personal details he provided that I don't think should be public knowledge.]
  • I worked the Silver Talisman with same intent to apply it in business.  [This was a mild domination talisman designed to bring him victory in all situations, originally.] Back then, I couldn't gain the attention of 3 clients because of a competitor.  This competitor was our employee back then, she got ambitious and go freelance.  She got our contacts and know-how and price and work for a richer company using these.  2 things I won't tolerate and would go ballistic are stealing what's mine and besmirching my name.  I can now work without concentrating much on the enemies since [the spirits of the talisman] are the ones who had their sights on my enemies.  Love working with those 2, they are automatic and stoke my inner mean streak.  Oh, and I got those 3 clients back.
  • Compared to doing it the way I did and doing it your way:  The way I did it back then, I became manic, like the way I felt when working with Goetia.  At least it did not become uncontrollable like Goetia.  Now, I feel normal with some wisdom on dealing things in life.  I'm not saying that I'm enlightened and I feel compassion for mankind, its just that I accept and come to terms with all things happening to the world.  I became poised, graceful yet grumpy to filter in people who would approach me. [This is why he mentioned that even though he did the Gates rites much more often than necessary at first, he didn't get all manic up top. The rites  of Goetia he had used before had left him obsessed.]
  • I'm expecting all these work could cover expenses for months to come and [deal with some other issues that are personal].  When Christmas season is near, I'll go crazy and maintain those wealth/opportunity/money rituals to generate lots of probabilities to earn more money.
  • Your rituals are successful, as long as the caster is diligent and neutral in expectation (Process may become unexpected and different from the plan but the result will be same). 
I like that last point a lot. He wasn't my only test case, I am also working with another client on the same process. The other client didn't start doing the rites regularly until a couple weeks ago, and he's already seeing the results come in much better. Still, he's about a month behind the other guy. At least he has something to look forward to.

Now I'm ready to start offering this service to others. It works best if you've already got a business in place that's making money. It would be equally effective for businesses that are in the red, but when you start out in the negative, a lot of the power will go just to getting your business to break even.

It's not for the average American worker bee. It's for entrepreneurs and professionals with good business sense and a healthy amount of ambition to achieve. Lazy slacker reactionary pussies need not bother, it's a waste of your money and my time.

This is best suited for those with self discipline and a decent understanding of the process of manifestation. If you've really understood the Neoplatonic Basics, you should be ok with the Gates rites you'll be performing. They're simple enough and require very little in the way of materials. Most of it you can make yourself. the thing is, you have to DO THE MAGIC to make this work. I'm setting up the framework, giving you some boosts, but you' are applying the power to the engine of manifestation. You gotta do the rites. Once a week, maybe twice, for at least five weeks.

Can you handle it?

It's a package deal that includes the following:

  • 1 Business Talisman to expand existing business, increase transactions, and to draw new opportunities.
  • 1 Victory Talisman aimed at giving you an advantage against your competition. Also will provide the spirits he mentions that keep an eye on his enemies. 
  • 1 Secret Magical Rite I perform on your behalf that provides the framework for the Gates to specifically manifest in your business life.
  • All Seven Planetary Gates Rites
  • Talisman Maintenance and Operations Manual

The results are only limited by your own dedication and adherence. As you read through the Gates Rites, you'll see a lot of advice on getting your kingdom's shit together. You'll need to apply that to your business. After you pass through each Gate, see what application you need to make from the books to your business. The spirits will guide you to apply it in the most beneficial ways.

Now for the price:

One MILLION Dollars!
Ok, not One MILLION Dollars.

Some day, though, oh yes, SOME day!

Today, however, it's $695 for the first three customers, with the stipulation that you MUST agree to provide me with weekly reports that I can use as testimonials for the service in the future.

I won't be offering this service again until these three clients have been through a complete cycle, which should be some time in August, unless the results are truly amazing. And August will be the right time to start preparing for the Christmas sales season. When I offer this service again, it will cost at least $1,200. Maybe more. One client so far is on track to break a million dollars in revenue this fiscal year after performing the rite. $1,200 is cheap for that kind of reward. If it manifests the same for these three clients, it's going to cost twice that. This offering is to see what kind of consistency the rite shows in practice.

I'm not targeting this at individuals with jobs, this is for business owners who can afford the investment. I can come up with something similar for individuals for less, but this package is designed for taking an already in place operation and ramping it up to total domination of its target market.

If you fit my target demographic, you have a business already in place that you want to see take off and fly this summer, and you can commit about an hour or so a week for five weeks to see your profits go through the roof, please contact me by email, and I'll discuss the arrangements with you.

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