Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pneuma Alalon

Shit talkers. I hates 'em. I mean don't get me wrong, brotherhood of man and all that shit, compassion, yeah I got some for them too, but I hate dealing with the shit the shit talkers start.

I'm talking specifically about rumor-mongering drama queens who start trouble by running their mouths, expressing opinions on subjects that are beyond the scope of their responsibility, and spreading talk that causes strife.

I hate when they sneak up on me. See, if I sense that a person is a shit talker, I can usually deal with it proactively. I identify them, and start a series of rites to help them transcend that aspect of their character, transmuting them from a base state to a more refined state, weaving in the wisdom of knowing when to keep silent, and the compassion to be helpful when they do speak. It takes a while to get through that, and it's a long-term solution, but definitely the method of dealing with shit talkers I prefer.

Recently an extended family member reverted to being a shit talker. She had been on her best behavior for a few years, ever since she pulled some ignorant stunts that hurt a lot of people and herself most of all. She had crawled back with her tail between her legs, and became a very valued caregiver for a couple members of the family. I thought she had changed her ways for good, that her humbling experience had taught her some basic lessons. I was so wrong.

She called up last week starting shit with my family. Same crap she's been pulling for over 20 years, except for the last five or so. I'm guessing she's stressed out and going back to the old ways, and I'm really hoping it's a temporary reversion, but regardless, I had to act quickly.

I had recently been studying the pneuma when this happened, and in my research I discovered the "Pneuma Alalon," a spirit that makes a person mute, and in some cases deaf. I pulled a fast conjure, obtained the services of a member of this spirit class, and assigned it specifically to render her deaf and mute in regards to shit talking. See, she gets all worked up in a war of words with her victims, and will escalate it and force people to "choose sides." When she's like that, anything she hears will be twisted into a poisoned barb that she then speaks against her victim. So I told the spirit, "Let no word that will cause strife for me or my immediate family pass her lips, and let her be deaf to any words that might cause her to react."

Our family hasn't heard a peep out of her since that day she started all this stuff. Immediately the shit-storm she had brewing dissipated and blew away, leaving me plenty of time to get that transformative rite in place for her.

This was a weird case for me because I personally value the service she provides the extended family members. No one else can be a full time care giver, and the people she helps are very particular about who they let take care of them. In addition, when she's not starting shit, she's really a nice person. It's just when she gets a hair up her ass that she turns all uber-bitch. I figure she's just under stress and needed to vent a little. You don't bind someone in Saturn and run them out of the Kingdom on the Martial rail just because they have a bad day, you know? My rite just made sure that if she vents, it's not in a way that impacts me personally.


  1. Now THIS is a series of rites I would love to have. Everyone has people who talk bad about them, and it'd be nice to make them stop, transcend themselves, and just worry about their own stuff.

  2. Hah! Stealth-bombing with wisdom and enlightenment, I love it. Actually, this is an excellent example of an alternative to monkey curses.

    Any good references on the Pneuma Alalon? Definitely something I want to check out.

  3. Hi,

    That rite is a gold of mine, really, do you have any idea to how many people we can send those spirits and do a favor to the world?

    Really, hope you share the ritual or at least where to fin more info about the Spirit.

  4. Now I'm curious as how you'd go about doing malefic magic to people who talk shit about you RO.


  5. Could we ask for an image or a symbol of this spirit, Pneuma Alalon? You can guess why I ask for it. Presumably its name IS Pneuma Alalon (or else please give us its real name). But I have been unable to find an image or symbol. I am at: omwzATshawDOTca. Thanks--Frater E.L.

  6. The thing is, the PA is a class of spirit, not a spirit name itself. In the next post, I talk about how to get one.


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