Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Pallas Renatus' GtFO Potion

"Heh. Heh-heh. Bwahahaha!"

That was the sound coming from my cube this morning here at work as I read this post by Pallas Renatus. It wasn't just that it was funny, it was seeing myself in it. "Oh yeah," I thought as I read along, "yep, that too. Uh-huh. Heh, yeah." I especially loved the part where he boiled the tobacco, and nonchalantly offered alternative methods of extracting the tobacco essence later to avoid the smell, without mentioning the gagging, retching, and dry heaves that come from smelling boiling chewing tobacco.

I can't post comments from work because they blocked blogger because SOMEONE here was posting a lot and they caught on. Can't imagine who that was, but someone in Florida who logs in remotely ALSO complained about blogger being blocked, so it's not just me. So to Pallas, I say, be careful. This psychotic Irish-Native American Asatru friend of mine once told me I could kill someone with the refined and extracted amount of pure nicotine from a single cigarette. I don't know if it's true or not, but you know, don't drink the tobacco-camphor-ammonia tea you made, even if it does smell sooooo good.

But man, another thing reading through his post reminded me of was how messy I let things get in my life. While my office doesn't give me a viral infection and it's not infested with spiders (ok, not very many spiders), it could use some tidying. See, I'm a busy man, so I spend large chunks of time working on the things I have backed up, and I put off the little things for when I have more time, like filing paperwork, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the incense ash off the desk, and throwing out the hundreds of stubs from the stick incense I use in every rite. My wife says if I spent the two to five minutes it takes to clean up after my projects, I wouldn't have to take two hours on a Saturday to clean everything up at once, and she could be right. So there's physical stuff to clean up.

I also do a lot of magic. I would say on a slow week, I'll go maybe 18 hours straight without doing something that involves conjuring a spirit into my crystal ball for something. I like to think the steady traffic tends to keep things pretty clear. I also recently did the Mercury Gate rite, and that's cleaned out a lot of crap that was stagnating. But regular cleansings of my house are on my list of things to do that I rarely get around to doing.

And another thing, I think that because I do magic of a certain variety, it takes care of everything spiritually that my family needs. The truth is, there are psychic cobwebs that build up around the house that my regular angel magic just doesn't affect, at least, not without making a specific request. The thing about angels is that they aren't nannies. They're co-workers, highly advanced, further up the ladder than you co-workers, with more experience and more power. You wouldn't invite the CEO and all the Vice Presidents of a Universal Corporation over and expect them to pick up a feather duster and put on an apron and go around cleaning your house for you after the business meeting is over, would you? Naw, didn't think so.

I've noticed some patterns of behavior that are being expressed in my family that indicate it's time to clean out the psychic air. In the Home Pwnership post, I talked about how when people live too close together, their shit gets on each others' nerves. The same is true in a family, though it's strongly mitigated by the love we have for each other. Still, when you hear the bickerings of the kids and the mutterings of the spouse (and yourself) begin to consistently contain the phrase "always*" in a negative context, it's a good indication that it's time to do some psychic cleaning in the home space in addition to checking behavior patterns, and maybe reminding people that we all have personal responsibility to make our collective experiences positive by taking ownership of our own messes.

So it's time to break out the aspergillum and sprinkle copious amounts of Holy Water about the house. I don't think I'm in need of the full PRGTFO potion he created, but a good psychic cleansing is definitely in order.

And yeah, getting down on the old hands and knees and scrub the base boards too.

* As in, "You always break my stuff," or "I'm always the one who has to clean up the bathroom," or "You always say you'll get to it Saturday." Patterns of behavior that need to be addressed in multiple levels.


  1. Thanks for the plug!

    I love what you say about hearing "always" start to crop up, as that's a good indicator not just of how familial relationships are going, but pretty much any relationship, romantic or business or what have you.

    I'm thinking that now that this is over with, I should invest in concocting something more gentle, like Laveau's 7 holy waters, to add the visceral oomph to my cleansings. What do you find works well for you on the materia side of things?

  2. I like Catholic Holy Water as a panacea. When I mop the floors (my wife has a bad back, so I mop on the weekends) I sprinkle some holy water, fast luck oil, banish evil spirit oil, healing oil, and hex breaker oil, in the mix. I pray over it and ask the Four Kings of the Corners of the World to work through it to cleanse my home and make it a place of healing and prosperity.

    I haven't done that in a month or so, come to think of it. Probably should do so.


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