Sunday, June 05, 2011

Gate of Mercury Available

Ok, one more Gate done, and one left to go. The Mad Pamphleteer has struck yet again!

This installment provides insight into the Sphere of Mercury, it's flow, and its impact on your Kingdom. Included are the different pieces and parts of your life under the direct influence of Mercury, the full rite to open the Gate, and the instructions for yet another talisman. Eventually I'll get around to talking about how these talismans are the epitome of Sunthemata, having aspects of the Material, Linguistic, and Mathematic realms all embodied in them at once, and how cool Iamblichus says that really is.

Passing through the Mercury Gate will clear out your communications issues, increase the flow of various powers and forces, and increase the flow of commerce in your kingdom. Once again, it's 11.95.

And for those who like the old Google Checkout:

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