Friday, June 17, 2011

On Fire

So last night I was doing my Jupiter rite, and I used the new ebony and gold leafed wand from Trithemius' Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals. Can I just say I love that tool? Cause I do. It's really nice.

I broke out the Jupiter Gate document, and I went through it step by step. I usually take advantage of my established relationships with the archangels to skip a lot of the intro stuff and get right to having the spirit present, but I took the time to do it all proper because I wanted to use the wand. As soon as I picked it up, I felt a flow of power through my whole body. I had used it on Wednesday too, for the Mercury Gate, and when I did that one I felt an instant drop of power through the top of my head and out through the wand. It was cool and clear though, and quick flowing, down, in and out, right on through with little tingles up in my brain, in a good way.

When I did the Jupiter rite, it was much greater. The power drop hit the center of my being and radiated outward in all directions across all space and time, and I was totally ON. It hit as soon as I started the consecration of the crystal. It continued as I conjured the creature of fire, and by the time I started the conjuration of Tzadkiel, I had a significant buzz going. Then Tzadkiel appeared and it was like a switch was flipped, and the power within was harmonized to the sphere of Jupiter, and Tzadkiel was present. I kept it simple, read through the Orphic Hymn, and then spent a really brief amount of time in the meditation/contemplation part, focusing on the sigils I had prepared. Then I closed out the rite, and realized I was hot.

I mean, physically hot. Heat, upon heat, upon heat. Like I had just run a block.* I was sweating and breathing heavy. I was radiating heat from my core. It felt like I was on fire inside. I checked my sphere, and it was "ruddy." One of the descriptions of Jupiter includes his ruddy complexion, and it felt like I had that glow. I always thought he was described as a corpulent, bearded, jolly, late-40s Santa looking guy because he was rich and drunk. Red cheeks and nose from the alcohol consumption, you know? But it wasn't like that, it was more like the red glow of really hot embers.

I directed the heat along some channels that I learned about in the Eighth sphere work I did, towards the manifestation of more and greater expansion. It dissipated slowly, and I slept like a brick from the time I shut my eyes until the alarm went off this morning. If I dreamed, the visions were lost between snooze alarms.

Now, I regularly catch a buzz from my magical work. One of the reasons I really enjoy doing magical work for people, especially the Hermetic Diagnosis, is because it affords me an opportunity to get a little bit high. You might think that proactively influencing the manifestation of your sphere on a regular basis would take a lot of magic, but really, it doesn't. There's basically finances, home maintenance and defense, and research, and those things don't take long to address. And there's not as much buzz to a research conjuration, you know?

I think there's something to the wand itself, honestly. I don't know if it's the inscriptions, or the material, or if the guy who made it did anything to it while he was putting it together. I know he's done a lot of magical tool creation for the grimoires, and I'm thinking the potency of the results may be the result of his attention to detail and use of crafting tools that have been used for other magical projects. I've sent him a request for more information about how he put it together, and I'll share what I can when I get a response. I don't know if he considers what he does proprietary or anything.

* Yeah, I'm out of shape.


  1. That is exactly how I feel when I am attempting these rituals or other 'big rites' not quite the same heat as when you have a fever - not uncomfortable heat - but really, really warm

  2. Yeah your right RO, the term energy is stupid. Its all information that was running through your channels and creating heat and such... "-)

    I love that you are in the 8th spehere now because our practices are much closer.

    I also cannot wait to get my wand so test out

  3. Glad I'm not the only one this happens to. I can tell when something went right because I'm sweating my ass off when I finish lol

  4. I definitely catch a few seconds of that feeling when I vibrate and project a name. Sustaining that heat, though... I might start doing ritual in my underwear, lol.


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