Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pneuma Alalon Follow Up

Ok, a few good questions came up in the comments on yesterday's post.

The first said:
Now THIS is a series of rites I would love to have. Everyone has people who talk bad about them, and it'd be nice to make them stop, transcend themselves, and just worry about their own stuff.
Ok, first you get a Supernatural Assistant. Then you say his name and he appears in front of you. Then you say, "[Spirit Name], go forth and search through the Aires and return to me with a Pneuma Alalon that I may direct towards mine own ends. Bring it here before me to appear within this crystal ball, and to communicate with me through the images that shall appear within."

When he returns with the Pneuma Alalon spirit, ask its name, explain what you want done, and give it the specific statement of intent, "Go now to [Shit talker's Name] daughter of [Shit talker's mama]. Let no word that will cause strife for me or my immediate family pass her lips, and let her be deaf to any words that might cause her to react."

Then start praying for [Shit Talker] to get over her shit already, for Christ's sake; amen!

I pray that a lot for people.

Pallas Renatus said:

Hah! Stealth-bombing with wisdom and enlightenment, I love it. Actually, this is an excellent example of an alternative to monkey curses.
Any good references on the Pneuma Alalon? Definitely something I want to check out.
Yeah, I'm really into making the world better in general, and my personal world specifically. I want my experiences to be richer and more meaningful overall than your average mundane life. I want more money, better cars, and nicer homes across the country. I want to be as free as possible, and enjoy my life as I go through it. You can't have that shit if you're surrounded by a bunch of fucking monkeys throwing shit at each other. "Evolve, bitches, I got work to do." That was one of my first proclamations as King of my Kingdom.

I found the Pneuma Alalon while researching Pneuma on Wikipedia. I worked my way down all the links on that page to get a multifaceted view and understanding of what Pneuma means, and how it applies to what I've been learning in the Eighth Sphere about how stuff works. It's a piece I've been missing. It's good to have a vocabulary that fits into the experiences and the Hermetics I've been processing. The Pneuma Alalon is discussed in the Unclean Spirit link. There's a lot of gold to be found sifting through the links that pop up in those articles.

Marcus says:
That rite is a gold of mine, really, do you have any idea to how many people we can send those spirits and do a favor to the world?
Really, hope you share the ritual or at least where to fin more info about the Spirit.
Thanks for the compliments, and I totally agree.

And John says:
Now I'm curious as how you'd go about doing malefic magic to people who talk shit about you RO.
In love and concern for their immortal souls, John. Of course. I'm a Christian.

For malefic magic, I work with the malefic planetary entities. I don't do a lot of that these days. There's a time and place for it, but I'm not often in that part of the universe anymore.

I think theurgic rites against another person are the truest form of black magic. You not only take away their bad behavior, you also take away their ability to enjoy that bad behavior. You alter their existence against their will, and you do it for their own good. 

And you just happen to reap the benefits.

Anyway, the rite consists of baptizing something to represent the person, and then putting it through initiations into the spheres, focusing on the particular character traits you want to affect. You put that on the Table of Practice and conjure the seven Archangels of the spheres into it. Or near it, anyway. You ask them to all work together to eliminate the negative trait, and to heal it at the root. Negative traits are usually twisted versions of a positive quality. The ability to speak great evil into being is also the ability to speak great good into being. It just got twisted somehow, damaged. Make the correction, heal the wound. Then ask them to make it retroactive so the effects begin manifesting immediately. Shift time and space itself to get this person into something useful.

This isn't nice magic. Growing up spiritually is always the most painful of processes. The most rewarding by far, but really shitty to endure during the initial stages.

And it's not always successful. Sometimes people's shit is just their own shit, and your opinion on it doesn't really matter. 

And it can be dangerous to you too. There's only so much hypocrisy the universe will take out of a magician, and you'll get your own ass slapped if you go too far. It shouldn't be one of the first times you've conjured the Archangels of the Planets, if you know what I mean. 

You'll note how little shit talking I do these days. 


  1. Killing with kindness now RO? I never dreamt you could be so sinister.

  2. I have to agree, it is the best, worst thing you can do to someone.


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