Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Passing through the Gates to Rule your Kingdom

Ok, so you've bought all seven of the Planetary Gates files, and you're all set to get started passing through the gates to get initiated and empowered so you can rule you Kingdom in Wisdom and in Grace. And wealth. Can't forget that.

I meant for the Gates rites to be performed in the following order:
  1. Jupiter - To receive the anointing as King of your Kingdom and to gain inspiration, health, and wealth
  2. Mars - To gain discipline and to establish your Rulership of your Kingdom, and to gain protection
  3. Sun - To shine the light on your Kingdom that it needs to grow and prosper so you can attain your ambitions, and to drive out any entities hanging around in the shadows
  4. Venus - To clear out any productivity issues and to turn the inspiration of Jupiter into creativity and productivity
  5. Mercury - To clear out the communications issues and to be able to diagnose and treat any issues in your Kingdom
  6. Moon - To see the manifestation process within your Kingdom and to attain the ability to influence the final shape of things as they come into being
  7. Saturn - When you have mastered your Kingdom within its current boundaries, pass through this Gate to expand the boundaries of your Kingdom
And repeat as necessary.

Obviously you can't do them all in one week. I put together a schedule for one client who is working through all the Gates to attain kingship over his kingdom. It's a process that takes a few weeks. You'll start with the Jupiter rite on a Thursday. The following Tuesday, you should do the Mars rite. The following Sunday, you should do the Sun rite. the next Friday, the Venus Rite, and the next Wednesday the Mercury Rite. The next Monday, you should finish with the Lunar rite.

Altogether, it should take you five weeks to pass through all the Gates. Here's a sample schedule, assuming you're going to start this Thursday:

Thursday, June 16: Jupiter Gate
Tuesday, June 28: Mars Gate
Sunday, June 26: Solar Gate
Friday, July 1: Venus Gate
Wednesday, July 6: Mercury Gate
Monday, July 11: Lunar Gate

These rites are initiatory in nature, and are specifically designed to release the powers into your sphere that you need to attain a greater degree of mastery over your personal world, your kingdom. You'll note I didn't schedule the Saturn Gate. It takes a while for the forces released by this process to integrate. Also, you may find that you need more work in some spheres than others, and you'll want to perform the Gate rite again for those spheres to attain mastery. It takes a while to get a handle on the things we have at hand, and you won't need to perform the Saturn Gate rite until you've come to terms with being the King of what you already have to deal with.

These rites are intended to be general enough that they can be done regularly. I've performed the Jupiter Gate rite at least three times a month since April 14th, and the results have been very very good. I also do the Mars rite frequently because I have self-discipline issues, and because I've been known to piss off magicians, both socially and professionally. It's a job hazard. The Solar Gate has been good for me too, though I haven't performed it as regularly as I probably should. Venus, Mercury, and the Moon are spheres I travel frequently already, so regular performance of these sphere's rites isn't necessary. Nevertheless, I have performed each on schedule for the last few weeks, and I plan to continue to cycle through the Gates for a while. I keep finding more and different stuff each time I go through it.

I've found that regular practice of planetary magic fuels revelation across the spectrum of my life.

Woops, time to go home.

May the gates bring you the power and authority they've brought me.


  1. One thing I've been curious about is how these Gate rituals intermesh with your larger coursework?

  2. It's like the Green Work Lite, safe to do without K&CHGA and still effective.

  3. About how long does each of these rituals take to perform?

  4. About 10 minutes to an hour. I did the Jupiter one last night, using the wand from the other post, and I didn't spend long in the contemplation, I just sort of put the Seal of Jupiter into my sphere and closed it out after the Orphic hymn. Took me longer to get all formal than it did to do the rite, but I've done it a lot. It depends on how long you spend in the meditation/contemplation piece.


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