Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dub Step

I never heard about this stuff before my daughter put it on in the car off her ipod. Good writing stuff. I prefer the stuff that sounds more like autobots with bad gas, but I found this music for free, and it's good. A bit of reggae and electronica, but I still prefer the stuff with a heavier bass line. But you gotta admit, the album cover is awesome as shit.


  1. Dubstep seems to be quite popular among many of our youth today (omg, I sound like an old man!). To me it sounds very similar to what we, back in the day, used to call "techno."

  2. It is techno..Just under yet another new name.

  3. Dub is nothing like "techno". It roots come from jungle,break beats, grime, and drum and bass. The timing is different, the use of bass is used to make the rhythm and tempo. Most people can't handle the original slow beats, nor the intense bass of pure Dub and thus it is beginning to be mixed with more "palatable" forms of electronic music, I have already heard Dub influences on the radio.

    Dub is fly as hell! Check out Butterfly Crash, Benga and Coki Panty Raid, BassNectar, Rusko, old Skream, and if you like the robotic type shit with the sick sub-base then Datsik and Excision is where it's at.


    PaNty Raid

    Bassnectar (Jump Dub)

  4. Burial, you really have to check out Burial. The only artist that transcended the genre. Falty DL is also really good.


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