Monday, April 25, 2011

Kings and Kingdoms

Ok, so we went through the Gate of Jupiter, and what did we get? We got Anointed, anointed as Kings of our world. We receive, as part of the Jupiter blessings, the divine right and authority to Rule our kingdoms. We get inspired, we get resources, we get health, we get all kinds of good stuff. Beneficient stuff. It comes down on us in a cloud of empowerment that is beautiful to behold and to experience.

But that's not enough. If we don't take the next steps to channel and direct those blessings, they will simply hover around us and create good times sporadically at best, or simply dissipate at worst.

Once you've received your anointing, you're fit to rule your kingdom. Kings rule primarily through "rules." Shocking, I know.

Rulership. Law. That's why Mars is the progression of Jupiter. Grace and empowerment becomes Rules. But pure Mars can make us into tyrannical rulers, dictators, tyrants, or even worse, lawyers.* Healthy Mars will be a manifestation of Jupiter's Grace. The rules are set up to guide, not to command. They mark the boundaries, and serve as warnings. They aren't to be feared or resented, they are to be respected and used as the advice we use to get ahead and reap the rewards of the Jupiter blessing.

Rules are like guard rails on the side of the mountain highways, they don't really protect you from death if you hit them straight on, but they do wake you up if you're falling asleep. And they provide a good reference for your boundaries.

To figure out what kind of rules you need to make, you need to spend some time gathering information. You've been made King, so the first thing to do is get to know your kingdom. Who are your people, who do you impact with your decisions? How's their health and well being? What are your resources and your requirements? Is one greater than the other? How are your defenses? How is your offense? Could you go campaigning for Spring with your army in its current shape, or are you in need of more drilling and training, and can only hope that no one tries to pillage your kingdom because your defenses are crumbling? What do your people require? Have they got enough food, spiritual, intellectual and physical to grow and to thrive? What's your kingdom's economy look like?

Take stock and see what shape you're in. Next identify where you want to be. Set goals. Remember Jason's excellent observation on goal-setting, but it is a necessary first step. Prioirtize the list, and you've got a step-by-step plan all laid out. Then comes the establishment of "rules."

Analyze your goals, and figure out what you'll need to do to accomplish them. Specifically, check out the standards you'll have to live by, the routines you'll have to follow, the behaviors you'll have to be... having... uhm, how you'll have to act consistently. These are your rules. They are the guidelines for improving and maximizing your kingdom's potential.

I am by nature a scoff law. I have spent literally thousands of dollars in my life paying for all the times I haven't followed the rules. Simply following the rules will not only save you money, it will make you money. Sticking to the rules is a good thing, and it provides a strong framework for the blessings of Jupiter to manifest around. It takes discipline, strength, will power.

And at the same time, you have to watch for the pitfalls of Legalism. You don't get the benefits BECAUSE you follow the Law, the Law has no power to grant or deny benefits. The Law is not the source of your success, it is a means. The Law is simply a reminder, a warning. Putting the Law on a pedestal and saying, I will accomplish my goals by following the Law is idolatry. Your success, the benefits you seek come from Jupiter, not from Mars. Mars protects the benefits.

Rules and Law are the expression of the Rulership granted by the anointing of Jupiter, standards to keep, guidelines to stay within to accomplish the goals of the kingdom.They are not the kingdom.

So, next step is the Gate of Mars. I had planned on having something in place by Tuesday, but I had forgotten all about Easter. Heh. Woopsie! Hopefully something will be up in time for one of the Martial Hours by tomorrow, but no promises. If I don't get anything up, remember, Kamael is the Archangel of Mars, his seal can be found at this link in the Table of Angels, and he is conjured in the name of Elohim Gibor. Don't go through the Gate of Mars without having done some analysis of the needs of your Kingdom.

* Just kidding Mr. Warnock!


  1. Jupiter blessing: check
    Life analysis: check
    Laws and rules: check
    Mars: ??? (note to self: should have thought about that)

  2. I wonder what Camael (Kammael) of Mars and Machidiel of Aries will teach me. I have a Carnelian stone. I wonder if Carnelian is an Camael stone. I wonder if that Angel Zodiac is accurate.


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