Friday, April 08, 2011

Wealth/Prosperity/Money Magic

A potential client wrote me this morning asking for help getting rich. He's spent a lot on other practitioners trying to get rich, and it's failed. He wants to work with me, but he's been burned before and keeps getting deeper in debt. He's not looking to get megabillionaire rich, which is good, but he wants to get some money coming in fast. He asked for a guarantee of success.

So here's my response:

No, man, there are no guarantees in magic. Magic is a force you can apply to your life. It's one force. There are many other forces applying to your life too. Adding a force for getting you wealth is good, but it still has to compete with everything else affecting you.

Are you cursed with poverty? That could be a major factor. You need to get rid of any curses if they are there.

Are you destined to be poor? It's different from a curse, it's something that cannot be changed if it is your fate. You need to have a professional astrologer check your natal chart. Christopher Warnock at is good at that. If you are just destined to be poor, you have to learn to live with it. You can be poor and still be happy.

Were you taught poor financial skills? No magic can make you wealthy if you spend more money than you make. Magic cannot make you financially disciplined.

Are you aware of opportunities? Magic brings opportunity to make money, it doesn't bring money. You still have to do the work.

If you've done a lot of wealth magic and you're still poor, more wealth magic is not going to help. You need to figure out the reasons it's failing.


  1. Sage advice my friend. Sage advice

  2. Because even if magick brought him oodles of money, without understanding how to live within or beneath your means, any acquired wealth would just get squandered away anyway.

    Good stuff.

  3. Unless the person performing the wealth magic for your client was a charlatan and a cheat :p or just plain not good at it O.o

  4. @Jason: I kind of summarized a lot of the things you've said over the years. I don't mean to be a parrot, it's just that you're right. :)

  5. Not purchasing wealth magick over and over when you are broke probably would help as well......

  6. I think it's a great post - but I honestly do not beleive anyone was born to be destined to poorness or poverty. Hell no! I believe we're all born to make our own decisions which get us to where we need in life.
    We may definitely be born with the ability to make bad decisions all of the time, but we aren't born to be destined to a life of poverty.
    Then there are those who are born into 3rd world countries - and quite possibly those people wether they like it or not will never have the opportunites that others do to better themselves in life. But if you're born in a country where opportunities are abundant, than you're given the ability to think for yourself and to move and shake yourself into a situation that YOU want.

  7. Oh and sorry further to the above, if you're sitting back and demanding to be wealthy and I was an Angel, I certainly am not gonna give it to you for doing jack all. Get a job, work your ass off, study or set yourself up with a business - and then ask to be wealthy. People that get into magick for the sole purpose of being wealthy and have nothing happening to help that along deserve to have their spell fizzle.

  8. Some of my customers appreciate my honesty when I tell them that magic can't be guaranteed. Others decide that if I don't have a guarantee that I am personally bogus and go off to find someone who is both willing to lie or is self deluded plus willing to take their money to guarantee magic.

    For many people magic is a way to cheat fate, they do NOT want to embrace fate, let alone find out what is likely in store for them. It's a last ditch attempt to save themselves. It should work all by itself and bags of gold should start popping out of the air 5 minutes after they get the talisman or do the spell.

    Bottom line is that a significant % of our potential customers are going to have way, way high expectations that will not be met. We can try to deflate this, but a certain amount of dissatisfaction is almost impossible to avoid with the newbies, the fools and those looking to be rescued, "Save me, Mighty Mouse!!!"

  9. Chris: You mean you dont know the Air Popped Gold Nugget spell?

    Man, I though you were a pro...

    First you need a 1976 Avocado Green (no other color will work) Butter-matic popcorn popper upon which you have inscribed the arabic from the fourth page of the Owl Press Necronomicon (not the Simon or Hay editions).

    Rather than oil, you are going to pop the corn using Marie Laveau's Special Oil #20 and the machine must be plugged in and turned on by a naked blond virgin who hold it between her legs as you read the live results of theNy Stock Exchange stock ticker.

    You can probably figure out the rest from there. Suffice to say its not butter that you load into the machine...

    Don't say I never taught you anything.


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