Friday, April 08, 2011

Wealth/Prosperity/Money Magic

A potential client wrote me this morning asking for help getting rich. He's spent a lot on other practitioners trying to get rich, and it's failed. He wants to work with me, but he's been burned before and keeps getting deeper in debt. He's not looking to get megabillionaire rich, which is good, but he wants to get some money coming in fast. He asked for a guarantee of success.

So here's my response:

No, man, there are no guarantees in magic. Magic is a force you can apply to your life. It's one force. There are many other forces applying to your life too. Adding a force for getting you wealth is good, but it still has to compete with everything else affecting you.

Are you cursed with poverty? That could be a major factor. You need to get rid of any curses if they are there.

Are you destined to be poor? It's different from a curse, it's something that cannot be changed if it is your fate. You need to have a professional astrologer check your natal chart. Christopher Warnock at is good at that. If you are just destined to be poor, you have to learn to live with it. You can be poor and still be happy.

Were you taught poor financial skills? No magic can make you wealthy if you spend more money than you make. Magic cannot make you financially disciplined.

Are you aware of opportunities? Magic brings opportunity to make money, it doesn't bring money. You still have to do the work.

If you've done a lot of wealth magic and you're still poor, more wealth magic is not going to help. You need to figure out the reasons it's failing.