Saturday, April 23, 2011

Updated my Site, and a Blessing

Ok, my eBooks page is now updated with the Gate of Jupiter and Talisman Maintenance and Operations Manual.

And I've gotten a nudge to take the next steps in manifesting the success and blessings received from Jupiter in the last couple of weeks. So much to do, but the rewards are huge. 

The first step is to pass on the Graces of Jupiter I've received to you. 

(Stop reading now if you do not want to receive whatever blessing I can pass on to you through blog conjure magic. Divination indicated this is a good thing to do for my readers, and that it would help in my personal accomplishment of the Great Work. However, I want you to at least have the option of not having magic used to manipulate your sphere, no matter how good for you I think it might be. Scroll down if you're interested, cause what I bless on Earth will be blessed in the Heavens. I've got it on Good Authority.)

I call on Tzadqiel, Iophial, and Hismael to bear witness; by your names and your seals I call you, by the Grace of El I conjure you to empower this blessing:
May you who read this be blessed and benefit greatly from that which I have received. May it bring you the financial and spiritual blessings it's brought me. May the anointing of Jupiter flow to you as you read these words, may the Greater Benefic benefit you, bless your works, bring inspiration and joy, bring robust health and necessary wealth. May you see a Vision of your Kingdom Prospering, may the steps to get there be made clear, and may you be empowered to accomplish the goals you receive.