Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Transmutation of Privilege into Opportunity

Ok, so we look around the world and it's falling apart economically and politically. Resources are tapped out, the privileged few are sitting fat and getting fatter on all the wealth, and we're heading for the first 21st century equivalent of the French and American Revolutions on a global scale. What's it going to look like? I suspect it's going to be beautiful and terrible, all at once. I'm feeling pretty lucky to be alive. This is some good shit.

In the last Aeon, rulership of the land (and all the benefit that comes from this) was passed down generationally to an elite and wealthy Oligarchy. The outer order of faces that ruled countries and had political power morphed, but in general the wealthy power-dealers have maintained their status and power regardless of whether their country went fascist, communist, or democratic. Privilege was inherited.

Does everyone remember Hagbard Celine's lesson on Privilege? A quick refresher, "privilege" is latin for "Private Law." The people of society with privilege are not answerable to the same laws as the common man or woman. We see examples of this most clearly in celebrity gossip here in the US. If I destroyed a posh hotel room, held a woman hostage, and confessed to doing it all while high on over 7 grams of crack cocaine, I wouldn't have a national tour where I went around bragging about it. I'd be in jail. Serving time. And I wouldn't even be getting as harsh of a sentence as those of a different cultural demographic would. There are degrees of privilege. Everyone in America does NOT get held to the same standards of accountability as everyone else.

But like I said, we're living in exciting times of revolution. Privilege is directly impacted by wealth. The more wealth you have, the greater the privilege. We have the internet. The internet is a license to print currency. It is a gold. mine. Through it, we have access to more wealth than anyone has ever had at their beck and call in the history of mankind. Global markets, the power to reach everyone through Android apps.

If only one person in 10,000 likes your product, you can still reach 36,098 people through the internet. How much a month would you need to make off 36,098 people to live the lifestyle of privilege reserved for the wealthy elite in previous eras? Even if every one of them were so poor they could only afford to spend $5 a year on your product, that's $180k a year. That's enough to start a minor fiefdom if you live somewhere with a low cost of living.

One of the Revelations of Jupiter I've had explained it to me this way: What once was Privilege is being alchemically transmuted in this day and age into Opportunity. Anyone can do anything. It takes work, but there is also grace.

And Magicians get to tap right into that. It's right there on the other side of the Gate of Jupiter. Walk on through and enjoy the show. Open up the taps and let the prosperity flow. El/Jove, Iophial, Hasmodai. Just waiting. For you. To call.

Will it all be easy? Course not. Fuck you if you're lazy, and fuck you if you're greedy too, it doesn't work that way. You get your resources for ruling your world based on your needs. Do you need to be wealthy and powerful to accomplish your goals? No? Maybe you need to AIM HIGHER then, because if you really wanted what you can have from Hermetic Magic, then your goals should require wealth and power, imho.

In this age, that which has been Privilege before has been transmuted into Opportunity. It's at your fingertips, waiting for you to seize it. Seize it!