Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've had enough

I am so ANGRY.

Over POLITICS!!! I haven't been this angry in years, and certainly not over something as stupid as politics. But I can’t take it any more. Some dude said we have to keep giving tax breaks to the richest Americans so they’ll create jobs. Geithner or some shit.

We’ve been giving them tax breaks for 11 years! And unemployment is higher than ever!

I say give them one more year, and if they don’t give us back the jobs that paid middle class salaries, AND NOT THAT BULLSHIT MCDONALDS SHIT, then we raise their taxes. Companies have been getting tax cuts and incentives to hire, and they've been recovering from the recession nicely for the last three years while the rest of us are fucked, UP THE ASS with minimum wage jobs? Yeah... fuck you.

Hey Tea Party, you've been lied to, cheated, manipulated, used to give corporate America a blowjob while they sell your kids into slavery at best, war overseas at worst.

Here's an idea to save some motherfucking money: Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan (where the people we're fighting for are sick of us anyway), take HALF the money we spend on the wars and put it into fixing the veterans that are all fucked up now thanks to us, and spend the other half on real job creation. We've got levies to build, nuclear power plants to inspect, mine safety to regulate, green energy to research and develop, and more than one Wall Street company to audit.

50,000 McDonalds jobs. Can't raise taxes on "Job Creators."

Gah. Gak!