Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gate of Mars

Well, I missed my goal of having the Gate of Mars booklet available for Tuesday in time for the Day of Mars and the Hour of Mars. Sorry about that. The best time to perform this rite is on a Tuesday in the hour of Mars. I did so last night, and it was every bit as powerful as the Jupiter rite. Even though the best time is on the day and hour of the planet, the hour of the planet on any other day works as well, so if you're in a hurry and don't want to wait until next week to take the next steps, find a convenient hour of Mars on whatever day you get this, and go for it.

This rite continues the process begun in the Gate of Jupiter, and aids in addressing the next phase after receiving the Anointing as King of your Kingdom in Jupiter. In this book, we look at the Martial qualities required in a ruler, and address the necessity of warfare. A simple method of protection for your kingdom's regularly scheduled issues is provided, as well as advice in getting and working with a specific spirit to aid in your defense. And offense, as necessary.

It's available now on my eBooks page for $11.95USD.