Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talisman Maintenance and Operations Manual

In recent months, clients have been asking for methods of maintaining and strengthening their talismans. I put together a "Maintenance and Operations Manual" for talismans as a result. It will be delivered free with all talismans, but it's generic enough to be a useful guide on its own.

It's short, I think 8 pages including the cover. If you're looking for a user's manual that provides general best practice instructions for keeping your talisman fed and growing its power and efficacy, this will cover it. There's also info on decommissioning talismans once they've served their purpose. 

Some people may also have made a talisman with an idea of how it would manifest, but then after they made the talisman it turned out that, while technically it met the statement of intent's criteria, and it might have been a sound freakin' theory, it generally turned out to be a bad idea in practice. Decommissioning is useful then. For those people.

I strongly advise, however, if you've got a good talisman all set up, you stick with the info in the "Putting Talismans on Vacation" section if it's something you may want to use again in the future. No point in ending a relationship that has been beneficial.

It's $4.95(USD) and available on my eBooks page. Under the Modern Angelic Grimoire.

Or you could buy it here if the button code works on Blogger for once (Paypal or Google Checkout, whichever you prefer, but not both.):

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