Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Super Moon Water

So last Full Moon was a Super Moon, and while there's nothing particularly extra magical about it according to Renaissance astrology, I and the kids made a couple liters of Super Moon Water. We got some water, consecrated it to the Moon with prayers to Mary, called on the Archangel Gabriel of the Moon to bless it, and instill the powers of the Moon into the water, and we left it out in the Moonlight overnight. After the moon set, and before the sun rose, we brought it in and kept it in a dark spot.

What I'm going to use it for, I have no idea. But 2 liters of Super Moon Juice is pretty awesome. Probably going to use it in manifestation rites, since the Moon rules the outermost shape of things and is the last sphere that an Idea goes through before it gets turned over to the Elementals to take on a physical form.

The Curious Curandera has some good ideas for it on her blog post today. Think I'll take her up on some of those suggestions.