Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting crowded in here...

I stay up too late, and so I'm tired at work a lot. And sometimes, when I'm working on really boring projects, I fall asleep a ltitle bit in my chair in my cube, and drift into the dream.

And sometimes I see spirits there.

And today, it happened that way, and I saw an old man come into my cube, trying to get past me to get to a printer so he could do his work. On coming to, I realized there is no printer in my cube, and the old man was probably Jupiter, or one of his spirits, and the printer was the manifestation of things of Jupiter in my life, and me being in his way is ... me being in his way.

At least in the dream, he just sort of sighed and pushed me out of his way in my chair. Hope that's all that has to happen in real life too. Hate to be standing in the way of my own blessings. Will do some divination work on that later.

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