Thursday, April 21, 2011

If the Seven Heavens were a Corporation

One of the things I teach my students in the Red Work series of courses is that the spheres all work together to manifest existence. There's a chain of manifestation from the Mind of God to the Material realm that has links in each Sphere. Everything we experience here Below has passed through and picked up some aspect of each of the spheres above.

I'm always looking for different ways to express the meanings of the Spheres. The greater our understanding, the better we can work with them. Earlier this week, I was kicking around the idea of the Spheres as the different departments within a corporation, and this is what I've come up with so far:
  • Saturn - Represents your market share and the demographic that will purchase your product. There's only so many people interested in the things you produce. I think it's a percentage of the population that fluctuates as different forces mingle in our shared sphere of experience. Some decades will see a large percentage of the population interested in occult writings, for example, while other decades won't provide the pressures that lead people to seek answers in occult sciences.
  • Jupiter - Represents your growth and opportunity for expansion. A company is always looking for new markets to tap, new audiences to reach, new sales to make. They do this through different ways, developing new product lines, or putting more marketing out to different demographics, but the core of the opportunity for growth comes from Jupiter.
  • Mars - Represents your ability to compete with other companies. This includes protecting the value of your share price, defending from corporate takeover, and also all the little aspects of corporate security, like IT and Facilities security. It also represents your Legal department in a major way. Jupiter would represent the judge and his decision if you're in a court, but Mars represents the lawyers.
  • The Sun - Represents your Management. The management in a company is divided into different levels, executives who make major decisions, and middle managers who make sure the executives know what they need to know to make major decisions, and to make sure the decisions made by the executives are taken care of by your employees. I put them in the Sun because the Sphere of the Sun is where Ideas from above take on an active force, and it's also the place from below where you attain K&CHGA. You hit the Sun on the way up, and your options and authority are increased by a whole lot.
  • Venus - Represents two different aspects of business, new product development and your production line. Venus is the sphere of procreation, where the creative forces are expressed into the world. Prototypes of new products are very Venus, and can be very sexy when you think about it. It's also the production line where your standard products get put together from all the different parts. It's totally manufacturing too.
  • Mercury - Represents quite a lot of a corporation, naturally. First, there's Research. Mercury isintellectual, studies hard, and is super intelligent. It paves the way for the Development team in Venus to put together prototypes. Mercury's also a fast talker, and represents Sales, the actual convincing of your demographic to buy your product. It also represents all your corporate documentation, and the carefully developed processes and quality management plans that are put in place to create a logically infallible system of operations that seems to always elude full manifestation the way liquid mercury eludes being picked up, no matter how big your pliers.
  • The Moon - The Moon rules the final outward form and shape of things, and in a corporation would represent your brand or logo, and your marketing approach. It would also be the packaging department in the production line that puts the finished product in the final form the customer will see when it arrives in their home. It is also the sphere of Quality Assurance, where the products are put through different use case scenarios to see what it takes to break them.
We need to be initiated into all the spheres of the planets to be able to function as a cohesive whole unit. Each aspect rules specific influences and changes everything else. Being heavy in Jupiter can lead to unsustainable growth if the sales and marketing teams aren't being properly funded. Putting all your effort into developing a production line without having a working management structure to give clear direction is useless. Having an elite management structure won't make your production team function more efficiently if all they can talk about is management techniques. No increase in sales or marketing or market share will be sustained if your final product goes out looking like shit.

My focus on the different spheres shifts in response to the things going on in my life, just like a company will focus its attention on its weakest points when they have a chance to strengthen those points (or they have to because the weakest points broke and nothing else can happen til it's fixed), or on its strongest points when action is required.

The best way I've found to know what I need to focus on is divination, regular practice and proactive communications with the Intelligences of the spheres to get an idea of what I need to be Working on right now for a better tomorrow.

The second best way I've found is to just wait for shit to break down and then rush around like a mad man trying to fix the broken shit quick!

In practice, it seems like I do a lot of both, at the same time.


  1. Great schema. It strikes me that if you combine this with the model I recently posted of the Zodiac cycle it would be pretty straightforward to put together an outline of how these "officers" interact over the course of any particular project or process. Especially if you take into account rulers, exaltations, detriments, and falls in the various signs.

  2. Saturn and Jupiter make 19.87 year synodic cycle which is the length of the business boom/bust cycle. I read that Saturn is the Chief Financial Officer(CFO) while Jupiter is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO). When Jupiter is retrograde the stock market tends towards a downward trend and when Saturn is retrograde optimism runs unchecked and the market trends upwards.


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