Wednesday, July 07, 2010


After my Eighth Sphere stuff started up last month, I was in a hurry to jump to conclusions. A friend told me I needed to get both feet on the ground before running anywhere. Came at a good time. I interpreted that to mean I should keep silent, and I probably should have more than I did.

If I told you how things work, or tried to sum it up, or tried to make a process out of this experience and the results, it wouldn't work at all. There are too many intricate and subtle forces at play, and I'm just a part of them. It's not like I thought it would be, but it's exactly what Hermetics teaches it's all about. The way to it is the way I went, for me and people like me. Spirit conjure does things to you. It changes you, prepares you. For the next level. Which is a lot like the last.

But saying, "Conjure the Intelligence of Venus and commune with it, and then express your desire in specific words or images, and then ask it's aid in manifesting those things, and then thank it and say goodnight," is telling you exactly the process I would use now to manifest a Venus result. Only it means something deeper now.

I haven't finished getting ready yet, for all the transformations that will take place. I realized that there is no "end" or "goal" that is attained in this process. It's a series of revelations and integrations, often of the same material in different formats. It's an ongoing process of revelation. So beautiful, so sweet. And sometimes it's dreams and pathworking, other times it's hamonizing with Nature and serving the gods. It can be spirit conjuration and Ruach-Nous interface with God Forms and symbols of manifest divinity, gods and goddesses, angels and demons. Sometimes it's burning heat (upon heat, upon heat) and crystal cities, other times it's Divine Law and seeing that it, too, is Love. It's a direct relationship with the First Father through the Logos, and the joy of creation and existence. And sometimes it's death.

Then it's Understanding.

But that understanding isn't complete, there's more around the corner. It's really quite a wonderful process, all things considered.

After what I saw, if I'd tried to put it into words, it would have sounded almost Kybalion in its annoyingness. I would have done so anyway, try to put it into words that is, if I didn't know the words wouldn't work, and they'd leave the wrong impression. The words don't have the right meaning without context, and for me, it's been a very specific context.

There are goals in this Work, specific levels of attainment that are progressed through, and it works to accomplish its aims. It enables the magician to reclaim their (divine) race and value. As we go through the stages, we see reflections and slices of the Whole Thing, and How it Works, and it's easy to say I'm done now, I made it. I've accomplished something and learned something. And it's true! We really have.

But it's not over yet, and jumping to conclusions before the end is not a safe practice. So I keep silent and process, and conjure, and contemplate. And I wait to see what happens next.


  1. You know by being unable to accurately express what you are going through and give it justice you are actually giving a pretty intense picture of how subtle and profound what you are experiencing really is. It sounds immensly exciting.

  2. It's more about the journey than the destination, though it's something I often forget. It's a neverending journey always full of surprises. The more you accomplish, the more you see that you can accomplish. And to be honest, I'm far from what you've accomplished for yourself. I give you much credit for the work you've done.

  3. lol

    R.O. if you can't express it in words, why not pictures or images?

    "A picture paints a thousand words..."

    as the old Bread song goes.


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