Sunday, July 25, 2010

To Blave

Love is on my mind a lot. Not the emotion, although that's a cool thing indeed, when you get to it. No, I'm not talking about relational feelings towards other people here, I'm talking about something higher. The LOVE that gets mentioned in places like the Corpus Hermeticum, where we learn that Man is Mortal and Immortal, and that we die for the sake of Love. Or Crowley's presentation of the Christian AGAPE love, which he placed in the role of the divisor in his formula, LAW=WILL/LOVE, stated, "Love is the Law, Love under Will. By that formula, LOVE=WILL/LAW, and is the key to unlocking the mystery that is "Do what thou Will shall be the whole of the Law."

I agree with the Thelemic assumption that Love and Will are intimately connected. "Will," as expressed in Thelema, is what I call "Fate" or "Providence." Fate, or Providence is manifest through our choices made in ignorance of the future outcome. That's why it looks like free will.

One of my favorite songs, Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen) has this line in it, "Remember, half of every choice you make is pure chance. Just like everybody else's." I agree with it, though I see chance in that line is a reference to Fortune, Providence, or Fate. Kismet. Destiny.

The point is, Will is expressed when you do what you know is right in a situation. You're in harmony with your reason for existing when you are performing your True Will. And Will and Love are different faces of the same thing.

Another popular truth is phrased "God is Love." We magicians usually understand what this means. It is LOVE when you feel God's presence. The beginning of wisdom is the Fear of God, but that Pachad-Fear is really talking about the awe, the deep-penetrating wonderment you feel in the presence of God when you see his LOVE pourning out and through all that is. The love of God causes intense reactions, and they resemble fear. You can't move. You can barely breathe. Your body trembles. You look a lot like a deer caught in headlights, but with a huge shit-eating grin on your face and an almost visible light of divine madness pouring out through your eyes to illuminate all you perceive. And it flows through you and to you and out of you in accordance to your own choices and actions, and they are really your own because you don't know what the outcome will be, even though God already knows.

So we have Will being God's Plan, and Love being the Power of God. Will and Love combined are the power of manifestation of God's plan. It's a beautiful thing, as all things of Love are beautiful.

Love is always manifest in procreation, as well.* Procreation is something I don't talk a lot about, being the good Puritan Christian that I am**. There are too many pitfalls and distractions around the topic of procreation because it feels so GOOD to procreate. It's a very magical act, but I cringe when I see people say that sex magic is screwing while thinking about a sigil. That's like saying Hermetic Magic is making a talisman. There's so much more to it, the movement of kundalini, the clearing of the channel, the motion, the sensation, the mental focus... Sex Magic proper is much more... initiatory than just getting off in the flesh while you think about a symbol.

I use the term "Procreation" for sex as an awareness trigger in my life. Every time you have sex, it's a procreative act. Every time you have sex, a child is created. That's why thinking of a sigil while screwing works at all. You're inseminating the idea into manifestation, or seducing it into your womb.

Sex is a manifestation of Love and Will, Creative Power and Providence***. You know how good it feels to have sex? That's how good it feels to be living in a way that intentionally expresses LOVE and WILL as you fulfill the LAW of "DO WHAT THOU WILL."

That's how good it feels to be a magician. You become the channel through which Providence and Love create the universe. You are the Promethean tube that carries the sacred fire. Into darkness you bring illumination, you bring heat where there is cold, you bring purification and refinement, you make the world a better place to live in, personally for yourself, but also for the other poor bastards stuck here with you.

Back to the maths. Love is the Law under Will, or LOVE=WILL/LAW. Do what you Will is the whole of the Law, or DO WHAT YOU WILL=LAW. Plug that back into the equation, and you get LOVE=WILL/(DOING)(WILL). Love is doing what you Will under Will itself. Do the math.



Love is One, Doing.

One Doing. Not two doings, or three or four. Just One, One time, Once, forever. That "doing" is being done right now, this very second. It's been one "doing" forever, and it's going to take forever before it's "done."

And there's only One doing it. That One takes on many forms on many planes, but it's still One who is Doing. You and me, we're a couple of the forms it takes, and we're living consciously in a few of the planes this Doing has manifested so it has some "where" to do in.

And It's Doing it right now. You are doing it, and "you" are its doing. Love is a verb, and it's everything that happens. All the time.

* I'm not saying you've personally, emotionally loved everyone you fucked, that would be silly. Again, it's Love that we're talking about, not the nephesh shade of love we feel in the Meat Suit.

** It's true; Puritans rocked the Holy Spirit in ways no one understands today.

*** Every sexual act you have is half choice and half chance; in other words, you're lucky you even got laid.