Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Party of the Yellow Sign

(Note: Still publishing old posts. This one was from earlier this year when I was a bit miffed about some political shit. I'm not starting any parties, but I'm definitely doing My Part to make the world a Better Place.)

I'm starting the Yellow Party, and I'm gonna start havin' all kinds of Yellow Signs all over, cause it's damned important.

The platform of Yellow Party is unique. It's made of a rare metal called "Afraidium." It's yellow, and it tastes like chick-en.

Cause I'm kinda scared.

I look over at the Republicans who deregulated corporations to the point where they could start a global fucking economic meltdown, start wars we can't afford or pay for based on lies, and STILL BE ABLE TO GET PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR THEIR DUMB ASSES ANYWAY.  15 million unemployed Americans will work together to get the fuckers that cost them their jobs put back in power. Cause the banks, who fuck me regularly, personally, with no vaseline, are putting them back into power because Obama's taxing the CEO's, but not even to the level that they were taxed under Clinton. These FUCKERS don't even want to pay anything. I look at the economic policies of the Right, and I get kinda nervous.

"I'm not a member of any organized political party -- I'm a Democrat."
Roy Rogers
I look over at the Democrats, who can pwn Congress, the House, and the White House, and they still can't put a public option out there for us. I worked in Healthcare, they're rolling in the money. The for profits AND the non-profits, they're fucking rolling in BILLIONS.  I look at their leadership skills, their cooperation skills, and I get kinda anxious.

I look at the Tea Party and see a mixed bag of malcontents with the same level of organization skills as the Democrats. I see Democrats dressing up like monks and showing up at Tea Party rallies carrying signs that say "God Hates Taxes" because they think it's going to undermine the Tea Party's political clout. I see the liberal media turning the Tea Party into a major force with their attempts to demonize when it would have just dispersed if they'd never have made such a big deal out of it. I see racist rants in the name of the Tea Party, and I see every retard and their brother's inbred cousin jumping on the bandwagon to push their agenda and claim it's Tea Party doctrine, and I get kinda queasy, deep down in my cowardly guts.

I look at Obama, who could have stopped the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and didn't. I look at how much his policies mirror and mimic Bush's, and I'm like, wait, what? The most reviled president in living history did the same shit and was hated, but no one says anything when Obama does it except the same people who supported Bush doing it for 8 years. I look at McCain who lost all credibility by becoming a Bush Clone in the election, and at Palin who is nothing more than a beauty queen with faith in Jesus who got talked into becoming a political power, and see the hatred and hope directed at her, and god damn it, I puke a little bit in my mouth.

I look at the oil spill, the 17 approved permits to drill for oil issued since the "moratorium" on underwater well drilling went into effect, and the mine collapse, and the rampant corruption in the MSHA and other agencies that are supposed to regulate industry, I see that the administration's been in power for 2 years and hasn't cleaned house and is still trying to blame Bush, but there's no excuse, and people are buying it anyway, and I get kinda frightened.

I see my corrupt Baltimore government, the mayor who was recently convicted of stealing gift cards donated to the poor, a state employee doing time for sexual assault of a minor taking sick leave and having his bosses cover for him so he can keep his job, a cop not charged for raping a minor, and I get kinda pissed.

No one here gives a shit, no one on the ballots is going to make a difference, no one is going to do the hard thing and fix the problems. No one is going to pull the teeth of corporate leeches, no one is looking out for the middle class, no one is muzzling Wall Street, and everyone of the talking heads on the Left and Right talk shows is just loving the attention they get, and the money, and they don't care that their bullshit yellow journalism is polarizing America.

And I'm kinda scared.

But I have a vested interest in how things turn out. This is my life they're fucking over. And I'll be god damned if I let my fear keep me from doing something to make the world a better place.

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