Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Frame It

Can you write a beginner's guide to your belief system? It's harder than it looks, especially when your belief system isn't canned fantasy pulp fiction smeared liberally over Regardie's oath breaking revelations of mysteries he wasn't initiated enough to understand. It's even worse if you've gone back more than 100 years to figure out the roots of your system and tried to integrate as much of the original content as you can.

But it's amazingly interesting to do. I'm finding incredible shit that I forgot all about as I write up the Black Work course material. It's awesome.

Try it some time, write up the core doctrines that summarize your beliefs, provide a general explanation for everything that is, and then specific methods of interacting with it to get the results you want, or the methods of progressing through the various stages of the path your belief system advocates. I've always believed you don't really understand anything until you can explain it to someone else. It's a good test of your true relative position within the belief system you claim to adhere to.

If you can't write up the basic creation myth and core cosmology of your system, if you don't know what the stages of progression are, or where you're at in it, or what order they're supposed to go in and why, think about that.

Then sign up for my courses. ;)

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  1. This is something I've been mulling over and continuing to do so!


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