Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cool Stuff (or WTF is an Etsy?)

So someone mentioned they have an Etsy store. WTF is an Etsy store? I asked all innocent. Looks like an online flea market kind of thing. People selling (shudder) merchandise. Physical products you can't just email out to the world. WEIRDNESS!!!

But I took a look at their Etsy store, and it's got some cool shit. An Alice in Wonderland tarot deck, and a bunch of "vintage" stuff. The 80's nautical fanny pack is possibly my favorite item on there. Or maybe the Alice in Wonderland tarot deck. Kinda curious to see where it puts the Cheshire Cat.


  1. About 98% of my online business is through my Etsy shop - I love them. Much more user-friendly with much lower fees than Ebay. They also generally get better Google rankings for their listings. Plus, the Etsy artisans really support one another. It's a fantastic community where you can get so many really unique items, and support small home-based businesses while you do it! I go to Etsy first now when looking for any goods that I can't get locally. I'm rarely dissapointed!

    Glad you've found it and are enjoying getting bit by the Etsy bug. :)

  2. Really, what's an Etsy? Well, better late than never, RO. But you may want to block your paypal account before you start browsing.

  3. Hey Miss Devi, I've "hearted" your items a bunch. Fr. R.O., here, is trying to help me to afford his course. Thanks for telling him about Etsy, I'd buy stuff if he set up a shop. I bet he'd be on the front page in no time.

  4. Found this blog through Poopsian's link from her Etsy shop, which I just stumbled upon randomly. Hey, I know Devi! Wow, small world.

    Go to and search using the term "MetaphysicalTeam". It will bring up a bunch of witchy goodness (including a lot of Devi's). I'm pimpin' my team, YEAH!



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