Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Catastrophic Failure vs. Catastrophic Success

Jow's post about entropy made me laugh and got me thinking about catastrophic failures and my own catastrophic successes.

The atomic bomb was a successful project, a successful experiment, a successful result based on a lot of work and research. It's pretty catastrophic. On the whole, I'd say catastrophic failure is much better than catastrophic success. I can't help but wonder if he did a Goetic rite to get a new car, based on my experiences. The "Want a new car? Ok, I'll break the one you have!" type of manifestation is right up their alley. Asking them to keep it in good condition and still running is also likely to cause it to break down so you take it to a mechanic and get it fixed, thus keeping it running and in good condition.

And demons aren't the only ones who brought me catastrophic success. Early Jupiter rites with Tzadqiel for more money resulted in getting a job that paid less money and forced me to budget and realize how much extra money I had that I was wasting on things. Last summer I did a Solar rite with Michael and all the Sun angels from the Heptameron to get me wealth without having to work; I lost my job and spent three months unemployed, and still made a lot of money. I could have turned it into a huge success, over a year or two, but I had some urgent needs come up. So I did a Bune rite for a lot of money fast, and got the specific amounts I requested in my insurance check for the fire that destroyed my house.

In retrospect, I should have stuck with the lessons Tzadqiel was trying to teach me. Would have been better all around.


  1. this post made me laugh ;) magck is so like this in every way, and you sir are a living testament to hard lessons learned and triald faced.

  2. Hah! That is funny. I havent came across others actual experiences with demons, just warnings that it can go awry.

  3. Right there with you.

    My 'improved health magic' this week has coincided with some catastrophic failures of West London's tube system. Today was madness.

    As per the driver's "strong suggestion" I walked an hour and forty minutes to work this morning.

    Can't help but figure this would all fade away if I just stopped being so cheap and bought that gym membership.

  4. Hmmm... seems that the same thing happens, more or less, no matter what you're going for, or how you're asking for it. We've talked about this, of course...


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