Monday, July 26, 2010

Mercury Retrograde Schedule

For a magician, I'm not very superstitious (knock on wood).

Nevertheless, long time experience has shown me that the weeks prior to Mercury going retrograde are full of online conflict, argument, and failure to communicate. The obstinate ignorant are more so, and no matter how I phrase things, it gets misinterpreted to mean something fundamentally offensive to someone, somewhere.

So far things have been good, but Mercury slows starting August 1, and goes retro August 20 this cycle. I expect to see things get hairy over the next week or two. Then things should calm down, and then go back to being mildly hairy as Mercury begins speeding up again.

Hopefully being aware of the cycle will allow me to break out of the normal reactions I go through.


  1. You know you are just inviting me to post some kind of inflammatory post or comment in August right? :-)

  2. I'm ready for you!

    "Interesting. I'll contemplate your points and get back to you."

    "You could be right."

    "I can see how you would think that."

    See? Nonconfrontational, only ambiguously insulting, and I only have to keep it up for ... a month.

    I'm doomed.


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