Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Video: Teh Elburp!

While I don't advocate the rite personally, a friend posted his version of the LBRP on YouTube, and I'm all for seeing my friends get publicity for their Work, even if I don't do that flavor of stuff myself.

He's a higher-ranking OTO member who's done a lot for the local OTO lodge, and also the editor of Heaven and Hell Fifth Edition Volume One: The Official Organ of William Blake Lodge, which contains an essay/article by yours truly.

So check out his video on YouTube. I'd embed it here, but it IS the LBRP after all. (And I don't know if it counts viewers that watch it on my blog.)

He's got more advanced stuff on there too, a four-part video series of the Gnostic Mass. Check out his whole channel if you're into OTO style Crowley rites done right by trained and experienced professionals.

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