Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Green Work Course Outline

I just realized I never posted the Green Work Course description. That would explain some things. I believe I assumed people would be able to just read my mind. Since registration is still open (until Friday!), I might as well post it now.

Ok, so the Red Work series of courses takes you through four phases of the Great Work. Phase 1 is the Black Work and Phase 2 is the White Work.

In Phase 3, the Green Work, the magician undergoes a series of initiations into the celestial spheres of the planets and fixed stars. You begin a technique of traveling through the spheres, and receiving spiritual attunements that bring you into harmony with the spheres around you. You’ll meet the Intelligences of the Planets, the Archangels of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, and you’ll be on speaking terms with spirits whose names won’t be mentioned at this time. At the same time, you’ll be getting deeper into your understanding of who you are in the grand scheme of things in the universe at large.

You’ll also be performing practical magic with these spirits, learning the ways each of the Planetary legions of spirits manifest things here in the material realm. During this stage of my Work, I began manifesting the kinds of abilities that normally get classified as “psychic phenomenon” in the secular world, or the “Gifts of the Spirit” in Charismatic Christian circles.

This is also the phase that involves a lot of crafty talisman making, strange tool creation, and the fun stuff that looks a lot like Hoodoo and Pow Wow if you stare too long. You’ll meet gods and goddesses, angels and spirits, and entities that exist at every level consciously at the same time.

In this course, we'll be focusing on both the macrocosmic initiations and the physical manifestations associated with each of the Archangels of the Planets and their legions of Spirits.

We will be using the Modern Angelic Grimoire as the primary text book, and we will progress upwards through the spheres based on Ptolemy's model of the cosmos. I'm thinking we'll spend about two weeks on each planet, receiving the initiations into the sphere, receiving attunements and instruction in accessing the powers of the spheres in our daily lives, and actually getting stuff from each planet in our physical lives.

The course will include anecdotal insights I've gained about creating talismans, and I'll detail the steps I take to create the planetary talismans in the appropriate metals, or their equivalents. Heat, beat, repeat, and engrave sums it up nicely, but I'll go into more detail in the course.

Looks like it will be a 17-week course, altogether. The Lesson Plan is as follows:

Lesson 1: Traveling the Spheres - The path of the Hermetic Magician's ascent through the spheres is described in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, and detailed in the Corpus Hermeticum. The system I'm teaching in the Green Work utilizes a relatively simple system of conjuration, initiation, and contemplation to accomplish the Hermetic Great Work. This lesson provides a detailed overview of the Great Work within the Hermetic discipline, and the functional tools necessary to accomplish it using the techniques of the Modern Angelic Grimoire.

Lessons 2-8: The Planetary Spheres - One lesson for each of the seven spheres of the planets. These will include a conjuration ritual for each Archangel of the Planet, a sample oration, and tips and tricks on receiving initiations into the spheres. These lessons will include personal experiences with the entities, the skill sets I've seen improved by working with the specific entities, and suggestions of manifest things to ask for from these spirits. Each lesson will have an initiatory piece and a practical piece.

Lesson 9: On the 8th and the 9th Spheres - This lesson addresses the Sphere of the Zodiac, and the Sphere of the Prime Mover.

Making Planetary Talismans - An eBook summarizing my experiences in creating talismans in the appropriate planetary metals or other materials. Most of my techniques are crude and primitive, but there will be no sculpey. If you want to use plastic clay, go ahead, the spirits don't care, but lately I've come to hate the stuff.


Thanks for your comments, your opinions are valued, even if I disagree with them. Please feel free to criticize my ideas and arguments, question my observations, and push back if you disagree.