Sunday, December 13, 2009

Excellent! Truly Excellent!

"The thing is people - we were fooled. We were led to believe that these degrees are highly elite and almost never attained by mere mortals. Its just not true." - David Stolowitz, Jew in the Jungle (Here be Dragons)

David's pointed out one of those secrets that needs to be trumpeted from the rooftops of every house in the occult community.

Some guy on youtube posted this video about how the OTO hasn't produced any "Adeptus Exemptus" in 30 years and the leadership should step down already. I think he's just another disillusioned seeker who believed the hype. The truth is, the OTO probably has produced them, but like David says, we were fooled, lead to believe these degrees are highly elite. The truth is a lot less exciting. Exempt Adepts still take shits in the morning that stink.

I met a guy who had attained K&CHGA in the OTO, and after some time at that stage, decided it was all self-delusion. I don't know what it was that lead him to that conclusion, specifically, but I suspect it was the usual suff you go through when you reach certain levels within any organization and discover that people, regardless of their degrees, still make mistakes, say mean things, and are generally disappointingly human.

In Christianity it happens all the time. The church has failed its membership for too long to have any credibility by mingling in politics, by accepting the hatred of the Bible as Divinely Inspired when it's really just justification for hatred of anything different, by using the sanctuary of the Church to protect pedophiles, murderers, and other criminals.

Disillusionment. I went through a period of that after getting K&CHGA too. I thought I'd be walking on water and turning water into wine. It didn't happen. I was still addicted to nicotine and got headaches if I didn't drink coffee every morning. I still overslept in the morning and was late to work where people were depending on me. I still got mad and took my anger out on my family. I wasn't perfect.

But I could do a lot more things as a result. I still had to do a lot of work to overcome a lot of basic character flaws, but I had access to help in that regard. I had to reassess what K&C meant. I had it, by all the standards I could find. The smell alone proved it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. If my experiences were legit by Abramelin's standards, then I had to reassess what everyone else had written about K&C. I researched the hype, and discovered that most of it was from Crowley, who is never understood. I read his presentation of the HGA, and found that he told exactly the truth about what I experienced, yet in a way that could be misconstrued and misrepresented. I discovered that most of the people talking about how K&C was enlightenment and transcendence hadn't done the rituals yet. It was all conjecture without experience.

It's time to lift the veil and reveal that the Great and Powerful Oz is a little man behind a curtain susceptible to the same temptations as everyone else. The Adeptus Exemptus will still eat beans and fart.


  1. Isn't the Adeptus Exemptus a title of the A.'.A.'., not the O.T.O.? Or is there an equivalence I'm not aware of?

  2. Anyone that has had K&C and later says it was self-delusion either didn't have it or disconnected in some way. Once you feel that you know exactly what it is. No organizational failing can take it from you.


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