Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hermetic Merkavah Course Announcement

The Hermetic Merkavah Course that was tentatively scheduled to start Dec. 15th has been moved to January 4th, currently. I may have to extend the start date yet again.

Please note that you do not have to have completed the Supernatural Assistant Course to take the Hermetic Merkavah course, though it would help a great deal if you haven't already established a relationship with your HGA, Agathosdaimon, Genius, or Supernatural Assistant. I would make it a requirement, but I have too many friends who I know have attained K&CHGA already, and don't need to take the course.

Furthermore, the Archangels of the Planets have relatively low risk associated with them. Don't get me wrong, they can (and do) cause catastrophic events on a regular basis, but they are still eager to Work with magicians regardless of their initiatory status. They confer upon people the powers of their spheres with or without the assistance of the Supernatural... uhm. Assistant. (I hate when I use words like that, but I just shoveled the sidewalk and driveway and don't feel quite up to rewriting.)

So, if you've used the Modern Angelic Grimoire before, and want to participate in a series of initiations into the Spheres of the Planets, do feel free to participate.

Also, if you've read the Modern Goetic Grimoire, you know I advocate initiation into each of the spheres represented in the Magic Circle. This course is designed to accomplish that very thing. It's exactly what I went through prior to having the significant success I found when I began Working with the Spirits of the Lemegeton's Goetia, the Dead, and the Spirits of Place (Genii Loci). When we get to the Goety course, we'll be doing some un-traditional conjurations of the spirits. It's entirely reliant on the initiations and empowerments of the Archangels of the Spheres, and the Supernatural Assistant. I don't want anyone taking the Goety Course who hasn't 1) been through initiations into the ten Spheres and 2) attained something like K&CHGA. I'll be taking your word for it because there's no way to tell, and if you would lie about something like that, you deserve the torment you'll likely be calling down on yourself.

But someone like St. B. or Brother Stolowitz, people who have already performed extensive conjure magic are totally qualified and welcome to take the Goety Course. The spirits we'll be conjuring in the Goety course are all Terrestrial. If you know what I mean, and are confident that Terrestrial Spirits aren't any threat to you because you've worked with them before, then I'm not at all worried about you.

But if you're not comfortable cavorting with the demons of the Goetia, chances are good that the Hermetic Merkavah Course will give you the experience you need to feel at home conjuring and directing the forces of the Sublunar Realm. After you've stood in the presence of Archangels and receive the empowerments they offer, you'll see the so-called "Demons" for what they are in the overall scheme of things.

The Hermetic Merkavah Course is also the most spiritually transformative Course I'll be offering. This is the Course that takes us through the Green Phase of the Work. We'll be receiving intimate instruction in the subtle and gross manifestations of each Sphere in our lives. Weaknesses become strengths, emotional scars are healed, and the prime material of the Self undergoes extensive growth, crystallization, and passes through many shimmering colors as it realigns to the currents of the Spheres.

This is the phase that brings the side-effects of the Work that manifest as the "Fruits of the Spirit," or the "Gifts (Kerygma) of the Spirit" in the Bible. You may be more familiar with terms like "Psychometry," or "Remote Viewing." These are tricks that the spirits teach you directly, techniques of awareness-shifting that allow you to sense the hidden bits of creation directly.

It's going to be a fun course, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it manifests in people's lives.

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  1. How long will you be offering your courses? Because I want to sign up it's just that at the moment it's not really convenient.


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