Friday, December 04, 2009

Political Post

You were warned, it totally says "Political Post" right up there.

Why would an anti-war president, one whose personal convictions lead him to want to end the war entirely, today, send more troops to Afghanistan in a near mirror-image of the surge policy used by his predecessor, who everyone hated?

Because he's GOT TO.

Conjure up Michael and the Prince of Persia, if you don't believe me. They'll tell you.

Is Obama an idiot, or a highly intelligent man? Based on what I know about him, he's not an idiot. If he's reaching the same conclusions Bush reached about fighting wars over there, then there's probably a reason for it.

That said, I still think he should start bringing the troops back home now. Doesn't anyone else remember the role Afghanistan played in bringing down the USSR? It's a death trap, a money pit. Fuck that shit.

[Edit: Ok, so he was for the war in Afghanistan. I hope he wants out now.]