Monday, December 28, 2009


All courses are still on track and on schedule to begin January 4th. Please sign up quickly for either the Supernatural Assistant or Hermetic Merkavah courses. The courses will begin Jan. 4th, 2010. If you wish to participate, the best thing to do is buy the course before January 4th.

If you need time to make the payment, and still want to start the course with everyone else, please email me at with the subject "Course!" and I'll see what I can do. Honestly though, speaking from a lot of painful experience, if you need a while to save up $75 for the course, you need to work on your money management skills first. Magic doesn't make you magically better at handling money, and most of my problems come from that.

And the furnace/water heater burning down the house. sigh.

Anyway, yeah, courses are on track for the 4th of January. Tonight I'll be setting up the yahoo groups and inviting those who have paid already...

Ah crap! I just remembered my software for the charts is on my other computer at home in the office that was destroyed by fire!

Shit shit shit. Hopefully the computer will be ok. It was off the floor when the water was flooding.



Well, in the worst case scenario, you'll be getting charts based on free software until I can get the good stuff working again. Man, what a freaking pain in the ASS.

Public Service Announcement: Don't have a fire in your house. Take some time and check your furnace and water heater, make sure there's nothing nearby that can catch on fire if they suddenly shoot out a flame. We don't know what started our fire, exactly, but we did have stuff in the room near the furnace. It was a foot or more away from the furnace, but if a flame shot out... yeah, it was a STUPID place to store shit.

Sorry for the tangent, my mind is in many places, and you're sort of stuck with a "screendump" at this point.

Anyway, courses are on track, and things should be back to "as normal as they get" soon enough.