Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paranormal Investigators Ghost Hunters Psychic Research Haunting

No, I'm not seeding the title of my blog post paranormal with keywords investigator. I wouldn't ghost hunter do something that psychic research blatant haunted house.


But I was just watching Bourne Identity again, and there was a commercial on for some paranormal investigator show that's going to where the Hindenberg crashed. They said something about standing on the site of one of the worst catastrophes in American history. Let's see, thumbing through my handy wikipedia... that was 72 years ago. The average lifespan of a nephesh is about 6 weeks. If there's some geomagnetic force, or if we postulate there was some massive psychic bio-power released at the site that stuck around to keep them "alive," they might get a couple of nephesh voices. Maybe. But 72 years is a long time.

They should be going to the World Trade Center in New York. It's politically charged, and socially unacceptable, but they'll get better results if they'd go there.

Regarding the postulated bio-power release, I've been to Gettysberg, walked the fields where thousands died, and I know there's a blanket of oppressive spiritual weight there. The air is heavy, the wind carries voices, and there's a smell of old blood that coats your throat with a coppery brackishness that your bottled water doesn't wash away. I expect there's something similar in New York at ground zero. It's been a little over 8 years, but I bet it's still fresh enough to keep some nepheshim "alive." And the emotions generated by the visitors, the power focused and released by the memorial are active sources of food. Hell, I bet they've attracted nephesh that weren't even killed on 9/11.

I would expect there to be a strong opposition to such a thing being aired. Controversy. Still, for those who are into the paranormal and are looking for hot spots, that would be one. Locally, anywhere a murder or suicide, or even a natural death occurred in the last month and a half would be a better place to go than some place decades or centuries old.


  1. My father doesn't believe in any of this. When he was a boy he was on a school basketball team. He sucked at the game He only made the team because only five guys tried out.

    The coach stopped to rest his legs from driving. They got out walked through some gates. Everyone stopped talking. Everyone was scared but no one admitted it for weeks. He was seriously creeped out. Finally, they asked the coach where they stopped.


  2. Oddly enough, I saw the same commercial tonight and reacted pretty much the same way.

    36 people died in the Hindenberg fire. Considering that just about every other commercial airline crash has claimed more lives it doesn't strike me as the best choice if they're trying to find someplace with a lot of spirits.

    Most other air disaster sites would be "better" in this regard and would also have the advantage of having taken place more recently.

  3. The question arises though - does modern survival research align with or dispute the ancient teachings. The teachings on the Bardo in Tibetan buddhism are very close in time to the Jewish teachings, but in the case of disasters those numbers tend to go out the window.

  4. I don't understand why people do this kind of pointless, morbid thrill-seeking.

    What are "investigators" like this really hoping will happen? Even if a ghost popped out and grabbed them by the neck and they captured a convincing video of it, that would change what exactly? This is not science. People who don't believe in ghosts would dismiss it; people who do believe would just add it to their pile of evidence and forget it.

    They're not looking for insight into the nature of the soul, or life after death. They're looking for a jolt from the afterlife. I am surprised that more people doing this don't end up with nasty cases of possession. It seems that, on some level, that is what they are looking for.

  5. Jason, what do you mean by modern survival research? You mean, do we find evidence of the nephesh lasting around 6 weeks after death to support the theories of the ancients?

  6. Chronic, you know how they say pot's a "Gateway drug"? You start smoking dope, and next thing you know, you're stealing cars and robbing banks to support your crack habit, all because you took one puff of that killer weed...

    Sorry, your name influenced the metaphor. :D

    Anyway, the ghost phenomenon is a gateway research and development program. In attempting to prove or disprove hauntings, we can do things like conjure up the shades of the dead using Goety in a setting that can be observed using more equipment than we have. Lisiewski says it will cause a boomerang effect, if I understand him right, but I think that's whack.

  7. Ananael,

    You got some ghost hunting equipment recently, if I remember right. Have you had a chance to use it during a ritual?

  8. Well, that all sounds more interesting. I hope you don't get boomeranged. Not sure what that would entail, but it sounds dangerous.

    PS "The Chronic" is supposed to be short for "The Galloway Chronicles." I thought it was very clever when I came up with it, but it makes me sound like I have more street cred than I really do.

  9. Rufus,

    I've been so busy lately with the novel and everything else that I haven't had a chance to try out the EMF detector in a ritual. I have swept through the temple looking for non-paranormal sources of EMF and have discovered that, for example, I don't want to run a ritual test with the entry hall light on because the entry hall is below the temple and the old wiring throws a lot of EMF when that particular light is turned on.

    That one took some time to figure out because for whatever reason the EMF that it throws shows up right where one of my altars is even though the light is under a spot off to the side of the room. At first I was wondering if that particular EMF might be related to spellwork until I tested it with the light on versus the light off and found a perfect correllation between the light and the field.

  10. As a paranormal investigator and under-the-radar occultist myself, I can say that the major goal of paranormal investigations, to me at least, is to help people to not be afraid of their homes, of 'ghosts', of dying and of the unseen in general. It helps people who believe they are haunted feel validated and secure in the knowledge that a reputable 'investigator' has looked into their case and told them that it isn't going to hurt them. True, as an occultist we could all provide the same service, but today the title 'paranormal investigator' is better received than 'occultist.

  11. I visited the site of the Oklahoma City bombing. I had never felt anything like it before then, but I have since - at the Bodies exhibition. I don't know what to make of it, other than that *something* sticks around for longer than six weeks.


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