Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Groan... Regularly Scheduled Pain in the ...

Man, I remember now why I "forget" to do regularly scheduled meditations. Last night I stayed up too late, and by the time I was ready for bed, I was exhausted. I kept losing focus and drifting towards sleep. I felt like Dexter in the boxing ring in Season 4, falling asleep during one of the most important things I do in life. I was wishing I had some smelling salts.

But Perdurabo, as they say. I made myself do it all the way through, up and back down. I had interesting visions, but how much of that was sleep and how much was magic, I couldn't tell you. I'm not entirely thrilled about how things worked out last night.

I'm only posting this as a goad to myself. Making myself publicly accountable will make it a matter of pride, and while my pride can get in my way, I've learned to use it to my advantage.