Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Table of Practice Sold and Other Business

That was quick.

If anyone has a desire for such handcrafted items to go along with the courses, I'm open for taking commissions. Next year I may start offering a Modern Angelic Grimoire Kit, if there's any interest. Those Tables of Practice are fun to make.

In other news, I'll be doing a Bune ritual Thursday and Friday. Thursday's ritual is for anyone who is unemployed to get a job. I'll be conjuring Sachiel of Jupiter to empower Bune to bring a job that pays all the bills "plus some left over" as Moloch says. If you or anyone you know is currently unemployed, email me their name, and I'll mention them during the rite.

I prefer to mention people to spirits during rituals using their name and their mother's maiden name, as in "David Thomas, son of Maria Angelos" the way the Sefer Raziel recommends. The Sefer Raziel does it this way (I suspect) because you always know who a person's mother is, even when you can't be sure of their paternal ancestry. You might think your dad is your real dad, but secretly be the son of an affair with the mail man. The mother, on the other hand, is harder to be wrong about. I understand in this day and age that people would be hesitant to give out their mother's maiden name to a complete stranger, so I'll settle for the full name of the person. This is free for the unemployed.

Friday's ritual will be a "riches maintenance" rite. I've found that Bune, being what he is, will gladly bless me with riches, usually within two weeks after conjuring for it. Unfortunately, being what I am, I will do a ritual, get some riches, spend them, then when I'm flat broke do another ritual and have to wait two weeks for the windfall. To be a bit more proactive, I'm going to begin performing a weekly riches maintenance rite that keeps the money coming in. I don't know what the results will be, but it's going to be a fun experiment.

If you want me to mention you during this rite, click the "Mention me to Bune" buy now button over on the right on the blog under the "RO Miscellany" category. I'll be charging $26 (because Bune's the 26th Spirit of the Lemegeton's Goetia) for this piece of the scheduled rite. This is what you'd click if you're already employed and want a better job.

And remember, all monies earned between now and December 25th go directly to the "MERRY CHRISTMAS, RUFUS OPUS" fund, which will be spent on making this a Merry Christmas for me and my family. It's totally going for a good cause.*

*Not tax deductible.


  1. The Sefer Raziel does it that way because it's a Jewish tradition when a person is ill or asking a blessing to use the mother's name. This tradition is justified on the basis of the form King David uses in Psalm 116:16. Also, in Judaism, your membership in the tribe comes through your mother, not your father. Still, "in Israel"--in the community at large--the form first name son of father's name is used.

  2. I've always thought last names should be maternal not paternal for that same reason.


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