Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Tomorrow is the day I do a ritual to help the jobless. I spent the summer unemployed, and I'm digging my way out, and it fucking sucks. I'd like to do my part to help anyone in a similar situation. Unemployment is right around 10%, and I heard the "real" value is closer to 17% on NPR last night. That's almost 2 out of every 10 people you know.

I've had two people ask to be mentioned in the rite. Either you don't think it's going to help, or everyone who reads my blog is employed and is only friends with employed people. I know it's not going to hurt to be mentioned, Bune's really good at getting people jobs that pay a decent amount. I landed this job two weeks after conjuring Bune.

Email me your name or anyone you know who needs the help, it's totally free.

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