Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Members of the first Red Work Course 1: Acquiring a Supernatural Assistant are seeing success in their efforts, and I recently posted some of Crowley's notes on Liber Samekh to the yahoo group that helped me integrate the experience while I was going through it.

I haven't read Crowley's notes on Samekh in years. Great stuff. I especially like this part:

In the same way the Adept almost always begins by torrential lyrics painting out
mystical extravagances about "ineffable love", "unimaginable bliss",
"inexpressible infinities of illimitable utterness". He usually loses his
sense of proportion, of humour, of reality, and of sound judgment. His ego is
often inflated to the bursting point, till he would be abjectly ridiculous if he
were not so pitifully dangerous to himself and others. He also tends to take his
new-found "truths of illumination" for the entire body of truth, and insists
that they must be as valid and vital for all men as they happen to be for

It is wise to keep silence about those things "unlawful to utter" which one may
have heard "in the seventh heaven". This may not apply to the sixth.
It's funny, I go through this with every deeper level of initiation I experience. I think I've mellowed out some with this whole thing, I rarely post "The Key to All Power in the Universe!1!!1!" posts over my revelations these days, but once in a while it still bubbles up and over. I can't help it, and honestly, I think it serves a purpose. Reading through other people's Revelations of the Key to Everything has helped me a great deal, so maybe it will help others as well. My Keys to Everything may be different than yours, but seeing the doors mine open may make you see a door you missed, and urge you to find your own Key to open it. I know that happens to me a lot. Like POS doing Jason's daily exercises reminded me to do my own. It helps.

So I disagree with Crowley, whimper and sob when you feel your HGA, there's nothing "unmanly" about expressing the pleasure and pain of being with Purity. And don't be afraid to go on about "ineffable love" and "inexpressible infinities of illimitable utterness." It's important to remind people that this is what it feels like when they forget, or inspire them to feel it for themselves if they haven't yet.

But do be careful to remember that it's not necessarily as valid and vital for all as it happens to be for yourself.

I try, really I do. But if I can do this and get the results I do, so can you! Just try it, it's freaking brilliant. Gushing chakras, revelations of knowledge, and worlds of practical techniques await you! It's all right there.

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