Thursday, October 27, 2011

Astral Warrior Vortex Talismans: Halfway There

A couple of weeks ago, I offered the Astral Warrior Vortex Talismans for sale that I talked about in the Astral Warrior's Handbook. Four people leaped on the chance to purchase them at $45 each, which turned out to be a real bargain. Come to find out, the price of Herkimer Diamonds has gone way, way up since the last time I bought them. Nevertheless, a deal's a deal. That'll teach me to check costs BEFORE setting prices in the future.

Lesson learned, prices updated.

Here's the first batch sitting in the consecrated bowl:

You can't really tell because the water is clear, but there's a layer of water over them. The water is Moon Water, purified water that was consecrated to the Moon on a Full Moon by the Intelligence and Spirit of the Moon. I made up a batch on the Super Moon night, but my wife dumped it out. I still get a little angry when I think about it, so I try not to.

This Moon water was from the last Full Moon. I made it on a Monday night, technically the day before the Full Moon, but she was bright and beautiful, and it was a Moon day, and a Moon hour, so I took advantage of the situation.

The bowl is silver plated, and I engraved the seal of the Inteligency of the Intelligence of the Moon in the bottom, the Seal of the Moon from the Table of the Moon on the inside top, and the seal of the Spirit of the Moon, much smaller on the bottom. I engraved the name of the Intelligency of the Intelligence of the Moon in Celestial Script on the bottom of the bowl as well. It's now a pretty potent Lunar Talisman in and of itself. You can see the engraving a little clearer here in this picture:

I'm not quite as good at engraving things nicely as Frater Ashen is, but I think it turned out pretty well. It hums with power, and that makes me happy. It's shiny bright on the Astral.

So I consecrated the talismans to open a vortex to the Astral whenever anyone holds it in their left hand and says the name of the Intelligency of the Intelligence of the Moon. It's a mouthful. "Malcha betharsism hed beruah schehalim." Try saying that five times fast. Or even one time slowly. Mal-ka-beth-ar-shism hed Bare-uach Shech-hah-leem is the best I can do at trying to spell it phonetically. I have to say it slowly, and have it written down in front of my to even do that to this day.

Having a complicated activation phrase is a safeguard to keep it from activating accidentally. I have kids who like shiny things, so I'm careful like that. Plus using the Intelligence name seems to be a useful thing in and of itself anyway.

After consecrating them, I set them out where they can absorb the powers of the Moon for a full cycle. At each quarter, I take them down and perform a consecration rite over them. Yesterday was the New Moon consecration, so I took the time to take some pictures for this post, and to let those who ordered them know they are indeed being worked on, they just aren't ready yet. Next Wednesday is the third Quarter, and the following Thursday is the Full Moon, and they should be shipped out the Saturday after that, so probably November 12, unless by some miracle I can get to the post office on Friday. It could happen.

But going forward, the talismans will be $75 plus shipping instead of the $45 plus shipping I originally charged for them. I've updated the blog post with the Buy Now buttons on it, so it will charge the updated price when you click on it from now on. I've also pasted the buttons below for easy access.

If you'd like to get in on the next cycle, you have until Wednesday, November 9th to place your order. That batch won't be ready until December 10th, which is the night of a Full Lunar Eclipse. Hmmm. Those might be a little dark. I hadn't thought about that. They'll still work, but they may be better suited to those on the Chthonic end of the current we Work.

As always, the method is provided here free. You can make your own for the cost of materials, and all the stuff you need to know to conjure the spirits is available at in chapter 22 of Book 2 of Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy and the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals attributed to Trithemius.* Or you can use the seals from Agrippa's Tables of the Planets with the Modern Angelic Grimoire, and that works too. If you're more comfortable with the Archangels instead of the Intelligences and Spirits of the Tables of the Planets, Gabriel works just fine too. I would much rather people made these things themselves, honestly, but I understand not everyone has the time, materials, or confidence in their initiatory authority to do so. And I like to make teh monies doing something I love to do instead of things I hate to do.

The silver bowl is from Goodwill. I had my spouse pick up a couple of silver bowls last time she was dropping off outgrown clothes, and I'll be offering the other one engraved and consecrated for $150 (plus shipping) soon after the next Full Moon. If you want it, email me, and I'll update this post when it's no longer available.

I'm also updating my blog links so people can order these things from the blog site whenever they want.

Happy travels, Astral Warriors!

And for the Google users:

*Speaking of which, Bryan Garner will be releasing his work on this technique soon, and I've seen advance copies. Very well done, I must say. Definitely something I'm glad I've read, and I'll be reviewing it in more detail soon.

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  1. If you ever need a new source for Herkimer Diamonds, shoot me an email. The mountain I live on is literally full of them, and the geological society downtown sells them for cheap, if I remember correctly; I could always send some pics and price them out for you.


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