Thursday, October 20, 2011

Generation X Wants its Slack

Remember when Clinton went on Arsenio Hall and played the sax?

Remember when your biggest fashion conundrum was resolved entirely by figuring out which flannel shirt smelled the least bad?

Remember when we saved the world from Y2K?

Remember when we built the internet?

Remember when we didn't really have any hope for the future, but it was alright, because there was slack?

Where did the slack go? I'll tell you where it went.

The 1% took all the slack.

Sure, some of us are a bit bitter and resigned still, some of us are having the same reaction I had at first to this OWS thing.

"Oh, you're getting fucked? Welcome to my world, trapped between the boomers and Gen Y, and nobody's ever given a shit about us, but we do everything useful anyway."

Here, it's put much better in this Gizmodo article: Generation X is Sick of your Bullshit.

But some of us are not putting up with it. Some of us are remembering you can't steal slack.

And we're taking it back.


  1. The problem with Gen-X-ers is that they rebelled from their parent's hippy-dippy idealism, but not the self-entitlement.

    So just like the Hippies, these Gen-X-ers believe society owes them something just for being born. Sigh...

  2. There's no "problem" with Gen-X-ers.

    The problem is that you don't get it.


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